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  1. Come on Faith +1.......do you have kids bro? Imagine that someone on the internet gave your son/daughters the tools needed to commit a crime, one that could damage his/her chances at getting into a college or receiving financial aid? Would you appreciate it? Would you still feel the same way as your posts suggests? Have any of you thought that perhaps this protected drive is where teachers store tests and keep grade sheets? I'm not accusing scimech of cheating or altering his grades but just trying to get you guys to think a little. I know some of you have kids, would you still feel the same about giving this information if it was used against you or your kids? Maybe you guys are all uber-1337 and above being hacked.... I know I'll get a little flamage for this post but I don't care. I am just a big boy scout I guess. You know...the only thing that has stuck with me from my parochial school days is the Golden Rule. Oh and Faith +1......I don't speed and I do my best not to break any laws. Oh and I use the word criminal in the same manner that lawyers do...to differeniate between civil and criminal things. Anything you do that is illegal is criminal. Just thought I would clarify since someone posted that they didn't know tresspassing was a criminal offense. I hope scimech takes Vakko's advice and just asks the sysadmin why the drive is restricted. It may be easier to beg forgiveness rather than ask permission today, but what about tomorrow?
  2. Foxx wrote: Well.....did I miss the thread where Wes left the show? I was under the impression that Harrison and John left the show. I read both of their posts concerning their departure from the show. They both said their reasons for leaving were a difference in business decisions. I believe Harrison said that his coursework and job were taking over his free time as well. Neither one of them said there was drama involved and both say that they are still great friends with Wes and Darren. So Ilya flames Darren and Wess and then Darren flames Ilya. You come along and flame them both and then claim you're a non-combatant in this. I'm sorry....is that righteous flamage you are smiting with? Or is it just self-righteous? Foxx wrote: Don't take this as a personal attack? Are you Ilya's dad or something?
  3. There are classes and levels to misdeanors and felonies as well Cooper. It is the same set-up as murder charges with degrees expressing different levels such as planning versus spur of the moment. My sate and county each have a section in their legislature about Trepsassing. It is divided up into sub-sections as Felony Tresspassing and Misdemeanor Tresspassing. As of Jan. 1, 2006 there are also sections involving electronic counter-measures.
  4. With hardware like that, who wouldn't want to date her?
  5. You said that B&E is when you break into somewher and steal something. I'm saying that B&E is when you forcibly enter a locked or restricted area. The intent to steal something is irrelevant to B&E. You could enter to leave something instead of take something or break stuff. Just because you won't get caught doesn't make it a good idea either. It's funny that people are up in arms over privacy issues but then go around telling impressionable youth that its a good idea to invade the pricacy of another as long as you don't get caught. And tresspassing is a criminal offense. I believe it is a misdemeanor in some cases and a felony in others. I believe its a misdemeanor when you do something like "cut across Old Man Johnson's back forty to get to school faster" and hacking an electronic door and entering a restricted room in a government facility is a felony.
  6. Yeah, the skits for Hak.5 are great. So are Alli and the evil server still dating?
  7. Arizona Criminal Code 13-3102 says that you can not walk the streets with a gun as you so brazenly profess. In fact, unless you are in an unpopulated (an area with no municipal services) area or conscripted into tempory service by either the National Guard, Military or local law agency, you can not open;y carry a firearm. As for an officer having the right to enter into property (ie. walk around your yard, look into your windows, walk into your home through an open door, not mistaken for unlocked but actually physically open) they are within their rights as peace officers to do so. A search warrant is used only when a physical object is to be removed from the person or home/office/warehouse etc. Such physical items are admissible in Arizona courts as evidence in criminal matters. The use of eavesdropping equipment is not covered in a search warrant. The definition and methods of procurring a search warrant are outlined in Title 13 Article 8 of your state's codes. Different passges of Title 13 legislature also indicate that a peace officer has the ability to move freely among any structure in a community as long as he can justify his actions as in the best interests of said community. If his actions are found to be unjustified then it is known as a Error of Good Faith and as far as I can tell is pretty much a slap on the wrist for the officer. I'm done "debating" with you. I have my facts. Your initial post and its rebuttal has derailed the purpose of the thread. Before your post I believe we were discussing the probability of a similar raid happening in the US. I also believe the general concensus was that what happened sucks but will not happen in the US at least for some time. It was a great article and a good cautionary tail. :D It's also nice to have multi-lingual members to translate for us. I can handle the Spanish and Latin articles but I have no clue about the Germanic languages, with the exception of English of course.
  8. Just the fact that you are attempting to bypass security measures by guessing at the code is an infraction of penal codes in some places. Breaking and entering is simply when you enter an enclosed area through some locked portal. Having the intent to take something is irrelevant. Trepassing mostly pertains to open spaces such as private land property.
  9. You must be slow or something Faith...I wrote and you quoted that regardless of an illegal search you can't point a gun at or brandish a melee type weapon at a law enforcement officer. I don't think you understand what illegal search and seizure means. An officer can walk around you property and enter your home if the door is open. He can not however use anything he finds in enclosed areas such as cupboards, boxes, etcetera as evidence against you in a criminal case. The point of the amendment is to protect the people from officers using false pretense to satisfy curiosity or unfounded suspsicion. As for strutting around like some prize cock with your gun.....well, you take the safety of yourself and your family in your own hands. Officers of your local law enforcement agency have some tight restrictions regarding the use of their firearms but federal agents don't really and with the Patriot Act and other Home Lan security programs things are even looser in some areas. Only a few states in our union have self-defense laws that will leave you with any legal recourse in criminal matters should you use deadly force. Instead of toting around your guns, you should try non-lethal forms of protection. As for going down with a fight.....talk is cheap!
  10. Private school or public? If its public then you are subject to the lawsof your state. Schools in California are very strict about illegal use of state electronics.
  11. Before you go around screwing with stuff you are not allowed to use, look up your University's rules and punishments surrounding the type of stuff you are planning to do. At my school, what you are proposing is called a techno-crime and is punishable by exspulsion. The best case scenario is that you will lose all computer privileges. If you are computer science major or digital media major, losing computer privileges is like being exspelled anyway.
  12. I think you missed the point Faith.....if they are putting chips in our heads that pretty much means we have no civil rights so warrants wouldn't exactly stop cops anymore. Illegal search or not, you can never point a gun or brandish a weapon to an officer of the law.
  13. I don't think it would be for serviing food without a license but more for the trading of illegal foods or foods procurred illegally. :? Drop the h'ourderve grandma and put your hands in the air!!!!! We are confiscating these crab cakes and cucumber sandwiches ladies!!!!
  14. 1-900 number? Get some woman with a silky voice to read your quarterly reports to you. OMG...geek-gasm!!!! The idea is mine and if anyone uses I will hunt you down and sent you to Belgium to be tried in correctional court!!! :twisted:
  15. Female-friendly? Pffft!!!!! They won't be able to hear the fan anyway over the massive THX system any self-respecting man would have. :P They should be more worried that the speakers will blow the clothes off of them.
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