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How to get into disallowed drives at school


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Man, everyone is obsessed with the Command Prompt. If you have a smart admin who is using Active Directory, blocking command.com is as simple as disabling the use of 16-bit applications.

And a lot of people keep saying use shortcuts. If your admin uses NTFS and share permissions correctly, you should not be able to get into ANYTHING unless he wants you to be able too.

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If i remember something that i found years ago, on a win2k Active dirctory network.. (and seems to work accross all of them 2k/xp based).. and dosnt seem to have a group policy object to control..

Just try tripple clicking (i know... sounds strange!) on the word 'programs' or 'all programs' in 2k/xp's start menu...

That should open up the start menu folder in whatever profile you are logged in as (C:documents and settingsblahstart menu)... its amazing how far pressing the up (updir) butt will now get you!

Also, you may want to try in a program that has user visible Filesystem access, which dosnt seem to listen to other system policies... like word 2000 / 200whatever

Open word... goto file > save as...

In filename type * and press enter to see all files

and then try just entering paths in the filename box, pressing enter, and see what happens.

(file://C:/windows or C:/windows) may work (WINNT on 2000)

Just some pointers anyway, dunno if it will get you anywhere... Why the C drive anyway... local pc contents wont have anything special. and yes... you will still be bounf in some places to NTFS restrictions... but if they have hidden C, its the best your gonna get if you dont want to boot from a live OS.

(*Btw... dont do it without permission.. its illegal.. naughty boy.. etc etc etc*)

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