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  1. hi my friend has forgotton his hotmail password and does not know how to get back onto his password is there anyway to find out his pasword that u guyes know of because he has tried everything thanks :)
  2. stingwray wrote I would recommend setting your own proxy up at home. All you have to have is a webserver and php installed and you can run PHProxy which is great. As long as your school doesn't scan every page for black listed words you should be fine. how do i make a proxy and wouldnt the school be abled to find out what computer the filters were taken of from??
  3. alight but think about it hu insulted me first al i tried 2 do iz find a bit more about computers out but oviously i carnt do that without being insulted
  4. no i jst dnt no alot about computers u twat
  5. ok thx how do i get google to make me a program thig ??
  6. hey does any one kno wat error code 5003 means and itz aparinatly a dll problem :? ??
  7. does any1 kno how 2 turn peoplez webcams on with out their permission?? thx
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