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Christmas @ Hak5


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So, my mom thought it'd be fun for the family to spend christmas in Williamsburg, so naturally I decided to take some time to hang out at the Hak5 studios. Good times, bs'ed, watched some movies, drank beer, I even got to smack Darren! (almost made up for the lack of injurys in 2x05 and the live show)

Darren asked me to post these pics here, so, here they are.




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crappy weather over here aint it neochivers, raining in the uk on new years eve.

I hope it doesnt spoil the fireworks at 12.

haha 70MPH winds on my hill :), you cant walk .. when you sprint you go as fast as a doddle .. lol were having a party too .. the fireworks in town(Belfast) were canceled due to the wind and the docks are shut (which is VERY RARE)

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