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  1. Fair point. Let's just leave it at those particular cards are no longer made.
  2. Having success with the Hawking HWUG1, which uses a Ralink...RT2571W (according to the below link), and is identical (internally) to the Edimax EW-7318USg. Of course, they're both old and obsolete (.11g), but it's what I had handy. https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Hawking_HWUG1
  3. I was having some issues with this yesterday when I first checked into my hotel. I thought I was able to resolve it by pointing my computer's dns setup past the pineapple to the hotel gateway, but then it seemed like it was being inconsistent (plus it was kinda annoying), so I just added the relevant entry to my hosts file.
  4. I'm sure their logs are pretty jacked up already. There may have been people trial-running a brute force with about a hundred threads over a FIOS line for a few hours... Hmm, that file just happens to have the same name, size, and content as a video they released in the midst of the trivia easteregg hunt from 1x05... That's a little disappointing
  5. NTH was #12, STR is #17. That's a 12 character gap, not 6.
  6. Well Utexas apparently got #13, but he hasn't logged into the forums in 2 weeks, profile has no contact info, pm's disabled...
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmmc1397/4580...57623870190435/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmmc1397/4579...57623870190435/ 20 belongs to the same guy who got 4 & 12. Jmmc1397, did 20 not have anything in it? I don't even want to contemplate trying to brute force the missing stuff at this point...
  8. http://www.hak5.org/OverTheRiverAndThroughTheWoodsToSFCAWeGo (SFCA, meaning SanFran, CA) Damn, no dice. Not in all lowercase either.
  9. #3 /ww #5 ak5 the url theory is holding up.. (http:/)/ww(w.h)ak5.ORG/O------------------------------------------
  10. I don't think that is a safe assumption. I have no idea when I had last logged in prior to the announcement of the hack, but it was quite a while. Very likely well before June. I had made that very same assumption, but figured "why not change it, it's just a random KeePass pw, not like I actually have to remember something new", and am particularly glad I had done so when I found the pw list just last night.
  11. I had changed it before I saw it posted, but didn't think it was really necessary. I just found the list last night, and I am particularly glad I had changed it from oWp3kmNGL214VsVUCKQY. (It was unique)
  12. Well, all my passwords are different (keepass ftw) and the email address on my account is my gmail that gets spammed already, so, eh... minimal damage for me.
  13. Just as long as you don't come after my newly acquired #1 spot on the team, (Yay Me!!!), we're cool...
  14. Three (THE most amazing band that hasn't made it huge yet) NIN Dillinger Escape Plan Rise Against Coheed & Cambria Rush Funeral For A Friend Glassjaw Anti-Flag Poison The Well Saves The Day Atreyu Killswitch Engage A Static Lullaby etc.
  15. Since you mentioned tourist cities, DEFCON's in 3 weeks.
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