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  1. Received my MkV this morning, popped in the sd card, plugged it in with the supplied wall adapter, and all I got was the flashing amber LED, never a blue one. Popped the sd into my laptop, and found nothing but an empty folder named lost+found. Then it got weird. I tried using the recovery web interface, which I was able to connect to no problem, and tried uploading the 1.0.4 upgrade.bin from the downloaded zip, but got an invalid file message; same thing with each version of the downloaded firmware. Then I tried putting the upgrade.bin and md5 files right on the sd card and booting with that in the unit, but got either solid red or continuous blinking yellow led's, depending on the version of the firmware I used. I'm out of ideas at this point. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. i feel very jipped. i was hoping for rubber ducky dev kits or something fun.
  3. one --- nation on this earth seems strangest??
  4. O------ATIONONTHISAART---EMSSTRANG--- we're getting close
  5. cool, so 3 less letter we need to worry about. anyone know who else got the remaining boxes or a way to get in contact with them?
  6. pic of the snippet https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=b...p=inline&zw
  7. Got my box of crap in yesterday (#6) Darren had mentioned that there would be snippets of HEX in each one Well, here's mine - .OR or maybe .0R (Darren's handwriting < perfect ;P ) Cant wait to see what everyone else got and wtf it's gonna be for
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