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  1. Could someone please tell me the correct way to intercept traffic from iOS apps that encrypts its network communication with TLS 1.2? I know I need to install a certificate on the iPhone, but can I generate one, using the Pineapple?
  2. Thanks for all of your replies! I'll go for the tetra.
  3. Hi! I'm thinking about buying the Pineapple Tetra. Do you think that a new model is around the corner so I should wait, or buy now?
  4. I tried that too, but I couldn't access the login page when connected to the Pinapple's wifi.
  5. SSLstrip won't work on some websites due to implementation of HSTS (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_Strict_Transport_Security)
  6. Hi! I'm trying to connect my Pineapple to a HotSpot that requires users to accept their policy (the user needs to click accept so their mac address will be allowed). How can I do this on "behalf" of the Pineapple? Tried to change the mac address of my laptop to the same as the Pineapple, then accept and hope the mac address of the pineapple would be accepted right away. Didn't work. Wierd... Any suggestions?
  7. Perfect! Thanks again! Probably the best customer service I've got in a very long time!
  8. Wow, that was a quick response! Email forwarded!
  9. Well... I may have to take that back. Haven't received any response from support after mailing them about this. It's been almost a week now...
  10. Same here! Got my Pineapple Mark V today. Wlan1 won't enable...
  11. Thanks for your quick answer! How can I check that my pineapple doesn't take damage? I have a macbook pro late 2013.
  12. Hi! I wonder if it's possible to power the Pineapple through the USB port in my computer, instead of using a battery or plugging the powersupply in the wall?
  13. If your browser has cached the sites you're trying to sslstrip, it won't work... The is because the cached links on the website will redirect you to the https site.
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