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Extracting WEP and WPA keys from Windows Registry

Dаrren Kitchen

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Hello all. I'm looking for a tool to extract WEP and WPA keys from Registry of a Windows box that has already been configured to attach to a network. Via Google I found:


But it does not work for extracting the WPA key from my laptop. I've also tried asterisk revelers, Protected Storage viewers and the like with no success. Any other suggestions?

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You could actually write your own, just watch what registery keys windows changes when you connect to a new network. I'm making it sound simple, and it could be that murphy gets in the way, but that "should" be all it takes.....

.... might make a good addition to the USB Switchblade..

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I used Windiff to compare the registry before and after changing the wep to see where in the registry it was... found it but of course it's encrypted.

Tried the Nirsoft util and it definitely decrypts the wep from the reg, but that doesn't help if you want to put the key (or a new one)  back in the registry.

Of course the Nirsoft util has the crypt/cypher all worked out so if want to mess with the source from the Nirsoft that would be an option except that he didin'tt provide the source for that particular util for some reason - even though it's provided with nearly all the other apps.

Not that it even matters but it was fun to try and figure out.

-Spencer Money

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