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  1. I'm using 8.11 with no problems and loving it. Requested feature for next version: Is there a way to have the Jar detect when you are at the computer using the mouse/keys ect and NOT reload after the 30 songs or whatever it's set at IF you're actively using it and then start it's counter when you're away. So everytime you hit a key the counter resets. (It's a tease when a good song comes on and then it reloads after 2 or 3 seconds!) Also, it's been mentioned a few times but an option to organizes the songs in folder by station.... and even when in Quickmix but not a folder called Quickmix. I know I'm asking a lot but it's just because this little app is the greatest little app there is! Thanks so much to everyone helping develop this, and especially Darkone05. -Spencer
  2. I used Windiff to compare the registry before and after changing the wep to see where in the registry it was... found it but of course it's encrypted. Tried the Nirsoft util and it definitely decrypts the wep from the reg, but that doesn't help if you want to put the key (or a new one) back in the registry. Of course the Nirsoft util has the crypt/cypher all worked out so if want to mess with the source from the Nirsoft that would be an option except that he didin'tt provide the source for that particular util for some reason - even though it's provided with nearly all the other apps. Not that it even matters but it was fun to try and figure out. -Spencer Money
  3. I think you are underestimating the importance of the ID3 Tagging. There are other products that do a raw capture - Orbitz to name one. Pandora's Jar is one of few products that tag as well. Not to invalidate your point but the tagging is of great importance to me. If viewing the project in three phases makes it easier to develop then I'm all for that. -Spencer Money
  4. So now I've been fooling with the software for a while and I love it but here are my new grovels...(arg) :) I'm not sure why the delay on ripping the mp3, I've use the orbit downloader before and you can actually rip the song your listening to, and the next one to play after that within a few seconds before you've even skiped to the next. Of course there's no id3 tag info which is why we're all here right? So anyways Pandoras Jar seems to hang up sometimes and not rip the mp3 right away, it wants to wait for the bio . to come in which doesn't always seem to happen within the time it takes for the song to play and so it will actually not rip the song because it didn't get the bio in time. At least that's how it appears to me - I haven't looked at the code one bit. So can we just make it rip the mp3, tag it with the ID3 and call it good without requiring the bio first?http://' target="_blank"> It seems that when a song is missed, the whole tagging scheme gets messed up, and the software mislabels the mp3s. In other words, it doesn't rip an mp3, because it hang on the bio info, so the next song gets riped but gets the label from the previous song. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone scour the code to find where the problem may be? I think the temp work around is to not load the last.fm software, thus no bio, thus no hang, and no miss labeling songs. -Spencer Money
  5. Madman I think your solution is here. I had the same errors/problems.. Downgraded to Firefox 2.05, Installed the Manual Install Package of the JSE (jdk-1_5_0_12-windows-i586-p) then I went and installed Pandoras Jar 7.4. One step this included that I didn't previously do before was to copy bin/jacob.dll to the windowssystem32 dir. Still the installation didn't work but then I copied the 8.1 files (overwriting the existing) to the pandora dir. And guess what?!? It finally works!! -Spencer Money
  6. Having some trouble. I've even un/reinstalled firefox, tried the older version 2. 05. . and keep gettin the message Software caused connection abort: socket write error and then the message unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser Also, when using the Flash switcher extension, I noticed that in examining the pluginreg. dat file even though I did switch to 8. 0 it always has continued to say 9. 0. What could be going wrong? -Spencer Money
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