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Remove CE limits from DJI products and other fun stuff in DJI Go4


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joe2000 don't worry about that error you can ignore it, its just a rename error after the patching gets done, and it is fixed also in the latest version.


btw 413 has more patches available and has been tested a great deal, im sticking with 413 it works great!

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Everything here is Appside, it works independent of firmware! "Only" redherring exploit is "kinda" closed with 500fw. If you don't need root it's no problem for you, and since you needed to ask you problably don't need root anyway ;) .

App 414 is still WIP, not all patches are ported yet, i would stay on 4.1.3 for a week or so if i were you until all patches (most important offlinelogin and removeOnline) are ported fully.

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ok i try today and work...because i fly 2.4 otg for 793mt(no disconnect, i return sport mode..signal 50%),

without otg fly for 300mt.

FCC Work OTG cable..YEAH!

mmhh but i use ( for example) 5.8ghz otg...in fcc limit is 2km...but in europe it same?(with App Hack)



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Received an official 4.1.4 GO app (july 26 build, 132MB) update today and unfortunately OTG does not seem to work here any more!

That still worked in the previous 4.1.4 build I downloaded as APK (22 july?).

Can someone elkse confirm this? 

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Hi Guys,


As I'm new to the scene and not so good of a programmer, I was wondering if you guys know this way of doing ==> http://dji.retroroms.info/howto/fccios and if yes, have you tried it?

I hope I'm allowed to post a link. And as the content behind the described procedure seems to be the same, I'm assuming some ppl from this forum are also active on the other page.

I have a Spark and I'm currently pretty pissed at the CE regulation (my bad for not anticipating it). I'm, as most of you here, trying to get my Spark a little bit further. 

Again, my goal is not to reach 2k at all, but to at least have a good stable video feedback at around 500m.


Thank you for the great work you guys are doing here.


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Good to hear but why do you set manually to 2.4Ghz (by default the RC connects over 5.8Ghz) ?

On 8/6/2017 at 10:04 PM, Invernomuto said:

work 5.8ghz otg FCC but, 2.4ghz is better range.

Video feed is lower quality though (tearing and laggy), I prefer 5.8Ghz ! Will test at the end of the week how effective the FCC patch is (I had only flown my Spark in the USA until now).

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