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  1. Well I meant to quote the previous guy asking the iOS question. Got mixed up. If config doesn't work, find a cheap Android device. Ok nstall a modded APK. Switch your spark to FCC and then use your iOS device normally.
  2. What drone? Try this : http://dji.retroroms.info/howto/dji_configs
  3. Just to confirm, I updated my iOS app to 4.1.10 and my Spark still gives me 11Chan + the message to switch wifi region...I canceled the popup and still got 11Chan. Didn't fly yet but it's 99% sure I'm still in FCC
  4. Juste because.... I havnt seen the max height param in assistant 2 anymore...
  5. Another question... Does one know if it's possible to remove the max-height?
  6. What do you mean more distance? I'm already.600 AC 4.1.7 iOS and FCC enable via 4.1.3 modded Android app. I never read that if you upgrade the RC you get more distance...
  7. The flight was goooooood Just upgraded FW to .600 and using a 4.1.5 I still get FCC enabled. RC is still in .100 tho... not sure if to upgrade or not. I will test with 4.1.7 on another phone to be on the safe side
  8. Just as me. I should be good to go then! Thx for the answer
  9. So you are using an iOS app right? Ok then, As I would like to be flying around the beginning of September I might try to update everything (but the app).
  10. And did you update all the firmwares (AC RC and Bateries)? If yes, do you still have FCC enable?
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