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  1. read the readme, you need a special version starting from 4.1.14, version from apkmirror won't work. BR
  2. Nope the config file support was removed. Also on the repo the latest patches for version 14 (noSecNeo version -> read the readme on github) was added. BR
  3. Please remove the link in your post! I do not want to share copyright material here, this is illegal. Also the intention of the patcher is that anyone can build the patched files themselves, so noone can include malware into a pre-build file. Thank you. BR Bin4ry
  4. It is instant if not you most likely doesn't run it as admin. Br
  5. Make sure you start first the controller and connect the app, after that start the drone! If you use a different order the drone will start with the last known tx power, which is CE for you :-) BR
  6. Me neither, the Windows App is not from me, i removed it for now and assigned the issue to the creator. BR
  7. That was my fault. In the bat and sh script the APK version gets selected automatically for the windows app: resynchronize now I fixed the error! Best Regards
  8. Yeah the range is not very useul that's right ? but it's interesting to test though. I get to 2km and back very good on one battery But if there would be strong winds you will get a problem getting home, so I did not have enough courage to fly further away. Did not look into this yet. Maybe ask in the slack channel. I think there were some posts regarding this. Best Regards
  9. Hm Strange indeed but good for you ? It is known that they have several folders in the root of your sdcard. They contain tmp files and config files etc. So when switching between modded and unmodded versions this behaviour was reported to happen if you do not remove the folders prior install of the official app. Why you don't get the video cache switch is kind of strange to me, should work. Best Regards
  10. Very odd, maybe better come on slack to chat directly. For today i have to go now. But on slack are many people who might be able to help and willing to. We discuss this apk in #android_apk_patching channel. Here is the slack link again for everyone: Update link: https://join.slack.com/t/dji-rev/shared_invite/MjIzMTI1MDA5MDcyLTE1MDIyMDgyNTItNzZkNTZhZjY4NQ Best Regards
  11. I updated the GUI, so feel free to run whatever you want :D The cmdline is the batch file, yes. Just double click it to run (run as admin) but as i said i recompiled the patcher app and moved it to the main-folder so it can work with the new patches ;) Best Regards
  12. Yes you have to rebuild the app. You can keep track of new patches on the github repo, you can see if something was added pretty easy, also i did a version bump to make it easy to see that there is something new. The Windows GUI app is not from me, it just happens to be in the repo, i don't think it was updated to include the new patch already, better use the cmdline to be sure ;) Best Regards
  13. You cannot check it on 4.1.5 since they removed the hidden dialog, only with this channels, this would be an indicator yes. I only use 4.13 with my spark and get the same range as you ~2km. Never tested it on 4.1.5 though Also we added a new patch for 4.1.3, this will enable the "Video Cache"-switch also for spark, so you can disable the video caching which increases the app performance for some people and reduces the app crashes :-) Best Regards
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