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  1. anyone able to successfuly mod 4.2.4, to test out with the mavic air?
  2. ok so a weird thing happened, Im on the latest updates for everything I even installed latest update for dji go 4 from the play store. My drone doesn't prompt me to change region, and I was just able to get 2.5kms on the same route ive always been taking. So basically, running official app, and latest updates, im still on FCC in a ce country
  3. Yeah. I can't seem to patch the app properly. I mean I know the fcc hack works cause of the extended range. But I don't get a video cache toggle to switch on or off. And I don't get the drone asking me to change regions going from the modded app to stock app
  4. Hey Bin4ry, I dont have a video cache switch in my app? am i doing something wrong when installing new apps. Should I completely remove all files from the old one somehow? as i cant get it to prompt me to change area either when trying to go from modded app to stock app from the app store.
  5. Thanks mate. I just downloaded a new zip file from github, and patched 4.1.3 again, I used the batch file and it asked me which patches i wanted to run, it had the cache one on there, so i assume it was updated and patched correctly.
  6. Bin4ry, i know you probably dont want to hear this, but how do i use the cmd line. Is that where i run the batch file instead, or is there special commands i need to use in CMD?
  7. Ok. so if i mod 4.1.3 again using your windows GUI? ill be able to disable video cache and get better performance? Whats the best way to keep up to date with changes made on these patches Bin4ry?
  8. Excellent. I really appreciate all the effort yourself and others have gone into for this to work. I do know a little bit about coding, although not enough to just jump in and port things across, i wish there was another way i can help Currently, I have modified a 4.1.5 version using your windows GUI app. And it works, but im not sure how efficient it is. As its not as good as my 4.1.3 modified version in terms of range, without glitchiness in the video The 4.1.3 version will get 2kms easy without glitching using OTG the 4.1.5 version will glitch randomly but still get a decent range, like 1.4kms or something. One other question, when switching from a modified version to a stock version of the app, i cant get the app to warn me about changing areas and restarting wifi. It just seems to either get long distance with the modded app and short distance with the stock app. Is there a better way of finding out if its currently on FCC or CE through the app? Both the modded and stock versions show 13 channels in 2.4, but theres a definite range difference. So far thats the only way ive been able to tell.
  9. Sorry for the double reply. Can we get some information on the latest app for Android. Is there a patch for 4.1.5? I'm on latest drone update and latest remote update. Just wondering if the latest go app can be patched. Bin4ry?
  10. can someone please send me a link to download the latest 4.1.5 or 4.1.7 whatever is available. I cant seem to get the latest apks to modify.
  11. I can confirm that it works with the remote on 400 and drone on 600
  12. I can confirm, latest update .600, and .100 on RC remote, using 4.1.3 on android, works fine. I got longer range using otg at about 2.2kms before complete cutoff, no cutoff before.
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