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  1. That FCC .config is also forcing FCC on 5.8Ghz (for Spark) or only on 2.4?
  2. Hi again, any chances with P3P/P3A/i1 unlock? I can help with tests on P3P.
  3. Hi and thanx! To confirm - this is a version with FCC and 32, without boost over FCC? (i am asking because in config is "DJI CONFIG FOR BOOST"). FCC is enough for me (and safe). Could you tell in which place in djigo app are coded the values for config? I would like to dig into it.
  4. I extracted dji go 3.1.2 app. Even functions and classes are the same as in 4.0. Now i am learning how to edit/repack/sign :/
  5. I extracted old dji go by this tool https://github.com/pxb1988/dex2jar there are things like countrycode and similar things like UavGPS, but i am too weak in java to make it working.
  6. Or maybe its possible to mod dedicated app. https://apkpure.com/dji-go-for-products-before-p4/dji.pilot/download?from=details%2Fversion&fid=b%2Fapk%2FZGppLnBpbG90XzgxXzcyYTRlYzZl&version_code=81 this old version sounds as a good base.
  7. We have modded nfz's and height, but still no FCC. Some folk ran DJI go 4 with p3p but he do not know how. Mabye its only software limitation and this is possible to run dji go4 with modded fcc on p3p. https://github.com/mefistotelis/phantom-firmware-tools/issues/10#issuecomment-312826318 by a default its using old DJI Go.
  8. I have a suggestion - try to look google and other searchers for phantompilots archive posts. It may help a bit.
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