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  1. There are someone claim that the config works on spark. But i don't have that drone, the only thing I can see is that the IOS code seems to have a if statement for DJISdrBoostLogic only works on mavic, which doesn't appear on Android code. There are also one friend test the .dji.configs_force_fcc on Inspire 2, the result is IOS doesn't take effect, but Android takes
  2. thanks for the test. the 32 channels cant be found on Spark since Its wifi device, neither do on mavic , but it appears on p4 and p3 and Inspire series
  3. the config is always available at the top post. someone says it do not work with ios but honestly I don't know why for I have decompiled the code, and still i don't get an ios device yet the ios configs above they post i have checked too and only see a major difference that it have the sdr byte in byte 47, but since i still dont have ios yet i can not confirm byte 47 have any functions with the right pattern , the config could be compatible with both android and ios. Should anyone do a full test on ios with my config and those ios fcc config, would be grateful
  4. thank you for the information, someone tells me that the cfg can be directly added by iTunes, maybe it's the same file location
  5. I do have a friend with IOS and mavic(firmware 000) says it works with FCC config. but since most people(including me) dont have RF meter for precisely measuring, maybe you should do a comparison with and without the config. What drone do you have and which firmware are u using?
  6. If you are asking how to edit the config , just use a hex editor of any kind
  7. Not yet, I decompiled the IOS ipa but i still didnt get an IOS device yet ......
  8. I suggest you do a test on android app, I'll find an ios device to get the config parser how it works
  9. i think in most situation the FCC is good enough for about 4~5 km remote control outside the city. With reflect board mounted on wavelength and manually set HD to 10mhz bandwidth with proper channel this can be extend like +80 percent, getting further distance is meanless unless you are those like one-way-tripper cause battery drains really quick. The sdr config is just for test or for those who fly upon the city, in my city(Shenzhen) with FCC i can only get around 2.0 km before HD flash red in 20mhz bandwidth mode. For the test around my friends most android user with newer FW/App (like 550, 800, 900, with App 4.0.7/4.1.3)get positive result with SDR and FCC configs, don't know if 200 is too old or something, and dont know if there are differences between dji go in china and outside. And most IOS user test get negative result, i think the ios have a different config parser, or the config should place in a special folder i dont know , will try to do some reverse around ios app
  10. i dont have ios yet, but for what i've told just push the file with itune into the app folder. or you can do a search if there already exist such a file
  11. Some of my friend say it do not work on ios, some say will, the ios uses a slightly different parser on the SDR config byte, i'll do some test with ios to see how ios parser works you can just press the button on baidu link 下载(372B)
  12. i know that HD will become the short part when FCC is open. but we do observed a siginificant improvement on HD with the sdr boost config. our test is fly with the stock config/FCC config to the farest distance until rc or hd drops to empty, then re-enter dji go with config to see how the signal change. can you provide the firmware version you use?
  13. do you use IOS or Android? Our result is simply represented by distance doubled
  14. the result was tested on .550+4.0.6 and .900+4.1.3, don't know if it works on other firmware
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