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  1. hi guys,i download latest version of tools for mod my APK 4.1.14 but stopped with error " Unrecognized apk file"
  2. New update 4.1.10 for iOS... i hope dji don't Remove a button “cancel” ;) in restart message for change region
  3. 2.3km my record 2.4ghz OTG and 2083mt with 5.8ghz without OTG. I use iPhone 6s FCC Mode and DJI GO 4 4.1.7 (last monday)
  4. I have AC and RC with latest FW and FCC work (2.4ghz 1.589mt) with interference :)
  5. 1-yes otg 2-yes otg 3-use android app 4.1.3 for Force FCC and then Use IOS 4.1.5 Iphone Ipad work i see 11 channel in 2.4ghz. Attention Update for RC don't Delete FCC Status :)
  6. now new update DJI Spark...1 September block all AC with old FW... new FW Spark rc .400 AC .600
  7. This trick to enable fcc on ios does not work for iPad Air two. It works on my iPhone.using the android application first and then connecting with my iPhone. EDIT: wait i see 11 channel in 2.4ghz ..this a fcc mode? Because i think 11 channel Fcc mode,13 channel CE mode. i wrong?
  8. Buy Antenna on ebay 8dB..Then open the radio control and install the new antennas. These antennas are compatible with mavic and spark
  9. I dont use my rc for test..because i modded antennas and now in CE my range is x2 in 2.4ghz and x3 in 5.8ghz. i modded antennas only for strong signal. if i use FCC....hehehe very good signal!! No house or trees cause problem!!
  10. Guys works !!! Spark .500 - RC .300 - DJI GO 4 v4.1.5. You have to get an Android phone with 4.1.3 V25 unlocked (or v27) app. First: Connect the phone with RC and then with the Spark. Enter the menu and activate the "US" Aircraft mode restarts Wi-Fi in FCC mode. Second: Kill Android apps, Kill RC Kill Aircraft. Connect RC with iPhone .. turn on AC. Now, once connected, ask to change Wi-Fi to change Country, press cancel, and enjoy FCC mode for IPhone forever.
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