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  1. Can 4.1.4/5/8 be modded too? There's a bug in the patched 4.1.3 that prevents panorama assembly and that's a tad annoying, thanks!
  2. 2.5km is a lot though probably not very useful on a daily basis since you probably have barely enough to get back!I top out at 1.5k which is fine. Don't get the region warning oddly enough, maybe the FCC patch that I never removed works now!
  3. Interesting, when I did a 100 meter Dronie this morning all of a sudden the feed became laggy (haven't checked the result in the app yet but it can't be good), might be related to the caching. Actually I switched caching to the SD card, maybe not a good idea as the built-in storage would be faster. That could explain why I was finding 4.1.15 to be a bit "laggy" compared to 4.1.13. With 4.1.5 I lost the connection this morning over the water at 1.5km using the "range extender" which doesn't sound normal since I got 1.5km last week with 4.1.14over land without extenders.
  4. "Best Regards" my a😈😈! What an idiotic post, are you having a bad day or something?! I'm not even going to waste my time commenting since you dug out an old post to go on that little rant without even bothering to read the related follow-up messages. Anyway back on topic, happy to report that with the latest Android updates the little Spark is performing well and I've been racing motorboats, tons of fun! More battery life like on the Mavic wouldn't hurt of course but you can't have everything. The DJI app does seem to be a little less snappy for some reason but at least there haven't been any crashes.
  5. Still get the prompt to change the WiFi region and can still cancel and distance is fine in 5.8GHz (haven't tried 2.4) so I'd say it's all good! It's likely you could go back to FCC using the modded 4.1.3 if you messed up but don't want to try !
  6. I don't think anyone here's gotten that to work reliably, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, see the previous messages about it.
  7. Of course it's related, always click on cancel to stay in FCC mode. It seems the only sure way to get back to FCC is with the hacked 4.1.13 Android.
  8. No the hacked 4.1.13 has FCC built-in.
  9. Did you apply the .DJI.configs patch? Maybe it's working and seeing that the Spark is set to FCC and therefore shows no pop-up? By the way, am I the only one for which panorama doesn't work in the hacked 4.4.13? The app crashes during the stitching process for me. Have to reinstall 4.4.15 to stitch panos, which is a pain. I still like to use it for the POI mode and Follow-Me seems to work as well and since it's GPS based it doesn't lose you like Active Track can.
  10. ok so I did some testing in a huge filed today and found that : - if you're in FCC mode (thanks to Modded 4.4.13 for instance after accepting the WiFi change there) it will remain if you hit "cancel" with the stock 4.4.15 version - in FCC with 5.8+OTG I got 800 meter range with no dropouts so could likely have gone further - in FCC with 5.8+WiFi I started getting weak signal at about 250 meters, same as OTG+5.8 in CE mode so it seems FCC from the remote only works with OTG - I was in an "enhanced security" zone or whatever it's called and in 5.8+WiFi the screen prompt with two checkboxes kept popping up even though I confirmed each time, very annoying ! Hope that helps !
  11. When I was flying in the US my preferred setup was OTG+5.8 as I found that 2.4 had tearing/lagginess/disconnections even in the boonies...now I have a BT watch so that could have come into play. Will turn BT off on it for future tests.
  12. Saw a post in Sparkpilots for a method to check whether you are in FCC or CE mode : look at the number of 2.4 channels, if 11 it's FCC if 13 it's CE. Can't get .DJI.configs to give me 11 channels but ok with modded apk. Not sure what happens on the RC side with 300 fw though, will have to run some tests.
  13. Even without the patch you can switch to 2.4 (connect over wifi first then OTG), the question is why you'd want to do it given the significant loss in quality and marginal theoretical increase in range (with FCC power).
  14. Good to hear but why do you set manually to 2.4Ghz (by default the RC connects over 5.8Ghz) ? Video feed is lower quality though (tearing and laggy), I prefer 5.8Ghz ! Will test at the end of the week how effective the FCC patch is (I had only flown my Spark in the USA until now).