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So basically I am new to the forum here and before visiting this, through search terms 'DDOS' (Because of LizardSquad), I thought I was pretty good in Hacking.. Well Not really, I don't even know the basics of hacking and I am quite interested in learning. Hopefully if you guys help me I might get better and yeah.. I'd like to start off with a question. How can I hack into a profile? Not through Phishing though.. I know you guys will get angry and call me a Noob or something but yeah I stated I am not very good at it that's why I am here to learn.


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Setup a VM, download and install what you want to learn attacking, have at it.

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VM As in Virtual Machine, Correct me if I am wrong, I don't think you get what I mean. I need help in understanding how to perform an attack or get to know the password of an account, For example My brother has a Twitter account and I would like to get into it, Not through Phishing or something because It would be difficult to perform, rather using an alternative method, NOT keylogging aswell as he knows what that is. Can we chat somewhere else like skype or something?

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Okay lets back up here. What you are doing is illegal and no one on this forums is going to help you do illegal stuff. It doesn't matter who the target is, family or not, you need permission from them. Also telling us on the forums that you have permission from them isn't very reassuring when youre asking for help on breaking into someones account. Also we don't know what your intentions are with anything we told you.

Second thing I'd like to address is that asking stuff like this is the wrong question completely and you're heading down a path of eternal script kiddie. You will not be a l33t h@x0r because you can follow instructions that someone gave to you or run a program that you found on the internet (especially keyloggers, really, if you're going to do it write your own).

Now my last thing is this: learn stuff, learn everything. Learn how toasters work, learn why the moon has a fixed orbit around the earth, learn how to do math in binary, learn how to program, learn how to setup a network (not just plugging in a netgear router but actual industry equipment). Only after you learn how stuff works will you be able to see how you can manipulate these systems to do what you want versus what they were intended to do (which is what hacking is). Reading is the key to everything you ever wanted to know and science is the key to finding the answers to the questions that you always wanted to ask and showing you new questions you never would have thought of asking.

I'm not going to leave you empty handed of course. Start learning how to program. I recommend python as a first language:




Also learn about different protocols like http, ssh, snmp:


Learn about computer networks:


Learn about the OSI model:


Learn about the north bridge, and south bridge, and MCC and all that good stuff:


Hacking is mindset. Learn and question EVERYTHING.

Lastly a side note: DoS is total skid crap. Don't do it, it proves nothing other than how much of a skid you are, and its just annoying.

And one more side not: The Lizard Squad (aka the tunnel snakes) didn't exploit any vulnerability when they took down playstation network and xbox live they just did a DDoS which proved nothing about their talents and just made them get arrested and now they are probably someones prison bitch. Really, don't do DoS attacks...

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Again, setup a VM(yes,"As in Virtual Machine"), test what you want to learn. Look up videos, tutorials, read, google search, etc.

In the case of your brother, learn to hack yourself first. Not condoning attacking your brother's account, but if you can intercept your own info and do it, work from there. You learn by trying and doing. Learning and hacking are not crimes. Attacking someones account without permission, yeah, that may be, so you're going to have to figure it out. Plenty of tutorials on these forums, other sites, with all kinds of info on various things you can try to accomplish your goal already. The info is there. That's your push in the direction you need to go in at this point. Don't expect anyone to really reply to topics like this since they aren't so much about learning and sharing knowledge of things as much as you are asking "how do I attack someone" or "break the law" kind of question.

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Again hacking is a mindset, if you know how to break things you know how to fix it and protect against other people from breaking it. Also yes companies will hire penetration testers to come and audit their networks, and staff, and physical security, or software or whatever else that might be a security issue.

I'm not sure on the exact numbers but I'm going to say that most jobs in security are in pro-actively fixing problems or cleaning up problems after they occur rather than in breaking into stuff as a white hat

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Learning how to attack, is often used so you can detect and learn how to defend, but also, just so you learn how things work in general. Doing it in a lab, isn't so much for learning how to attack someone as much as it learning how shit works and seeing what you can do from there, whether it be escalate privileges, read files not meant to be accessed, pivot off systems to others, etc, its all in learning more so than, let me go out and target company XYZ and walk off with all the things...

If you want to legally break into systems and get paid for it, study pentesting. Most pentesters, start out as basic computer users, work their way up, as newbi3 explained, learn the basics, work your way up the ladder. This shit takes time. You don't jump from "how do I" to "it's done" in a single leap unless you used someone else's tool or script to do something that exploited a system to get what you want, which in that case, you didn't learn anything other than point and click, or copy and paste.

Start here if you have more questions: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/7499-read-me-first/

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If you continue learning stuff one day you'll look back at this post and be like "wow i knew nothing". Same goes for all of us and its a good thing because that means that you are still learning new things, the day that you look back on yourself and see that you are in the same spot you used to be in is the bad day, it's when you realise you have not learned anything new and are going no where.

I really can't stress this enough: question EVERYTHING

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I agree with the "set up a Vm" and play around. Hacking isn't just about "breaking into things"

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