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    School, Teaching myself to pentest and hack, making t-shirts, playing games, tacos ( I have an unhealthy love of tacos!) Reese cups!!

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  1. In May I graduate with a dual Major In Information Assurance and Personal computer Management. I don't really want to sit in front of a computer saying " Have you tried turning it on and off again." even though i'm definitely not above it. I just want to do other things. I've tried to research the job title tiers for Information Assurance Associates degrees with no luck. So do any of you know with an associates would I be considered a level 1 analyst?
  2. My name is April Favorite game: Candy crush or Mushboom Favorite OS: Kali Favorite console: super nintendo Nationality: American Accent: southern Sex: Female Race: White Height: 5'7 Age 26 status- single Build: Girly Favorite band: Arctic Monkeys ( at the moment) Favorite book: The dark tower series Favourite movie: Fight club Favorite director: Wes Anderson Favorite TV Show: psych Favorite Pinup: Bettie Page Other hobbies: making t-shirts, playing games Car: 1976 chevy nova Occupation: Dual Enrollment Office at local college Education/ degree - Information Assurance and PC Managemen
  3. This happens at least once a week in class
  4. Hey if this is still something happening I want to join. :)
  5. I agree with the "set up a Vm" and play around. Hacking isn't just about "breaking into things"
  6. I'm not completely new to pentesting and Im not completely new to Kali Linux, We've been using Kali Linux for Everything at school. I have Kali on a usb I boot up everything works great. Recently I was given a hp Chromebook 14 and decided to install Kali using the crouton method. The distro is bare so you have to install a metapackage after the initial setup. I installed the kali-linux-top10 which is the top 10 security pentesting tools. Today I finally sat down for the first time to really play around with Kali and to Pentest my network which I did and I found a few vulnerable ports on anoth
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