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  1. Thank you, that is the answer I was looking for, The links really helped me :) But since you guys are telling me that it is illegal and such, What is it basically used for? Companies to hire you?
  2. VM As in Virtual Machine, Correct me if I am wrong, I don't think you get what I mean. I need help in understanding how to perform an attack or get to know the password of an account, For example My brother has a Twitter account and I would like to get into it, Not through Phishing or something because It would be difficult to perform, rather using an alternative method, NOT keylogging aswell as he knows what that is. Can we chat somewhere else like skype or something?
  3. I mean, can anyone guide me on how to become good at hacking? I'm not actually going to hack my mates, Just study purposes :)
  4. So basically I am new to the forum here and before visiting this, through search terms 'DDOS' (Because of LizardSquad), I thought I was pretty good in Hacking.. Well Not really, I don't even know the basics of hacking and I am quite interested in learning. Hopefully if you guys help me I might get better and yeah.. I'd like to start off with a question. How can I hack into a profile? Not through Phishing though.. I know you guys will get angry and call me a Noob or something but yeah I stated I am not very good at it that's why I am here to learn. Thanks
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