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I've got an RSI -.-


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Its odd, I've used computers since i was born pretty much and I don't have it. In fact my mouse hand seems to have formed its own wrist rest. Maybe using computers from an early age means your body has grown with it, rather than had it forced on it at a later stage, or maybe when I'm 35 my hands will lock solid.

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Same here. The closest I got to an RSI was after an all-nighter when I had a screen that contained a bunch of text labels that I had to select with the mouse and then edit the text for. That continuous movement back and forth between my mouse and keyboard really began to hurt my shoulder. Nothing a night's sleep couldn't fix though.

RSI kinda worries me because people around me are dropping like flies to it it seems, yet I, the guy who sits behind a PC quite literally most of his waking hours, has no issues at all. Guess I somehow do things right, or my constitution is just more suited to this kind of work. Maybe it really is something you get used to? Then again, I do go for coffee (or more specifically, a non-descript beverage run) every hour or two. Aside from that shoulder thing I never had any issues, really, but it's nice to know what to look for. My mom's got Carpal Tunnel (like, the REAL Carpal Tunnel) and even had some (botched) surgery done for it. I think that should make me more at risk to this, but so far so good...

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... In fact my mouse hand seems to have formed its own wrist rest. ...

Heh, I know exactly what your talking about it. I believe it's built-up calcium, but it's that bump on one of the carpal bones near the outside of your wrist, I didn't notice it until a friend showed me one on his wrist as if it were a battle wound from so much game time.

As far as the exercises, I felt a little discomfort on that thumb test, but nothing serious, and I don't type enough to get CPS (whatev)...

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