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  1. Moo

    Internet problems

    No, good idea. However, how do I go about doing this :oops:? My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-K8n pro sli...
  2. Moo

    Internet problems

    IDK, I don't have ubuntu :-P (I know... I know... easy to get and so such) It used to be that a restart would fix it because it only happened after my uptime was >2 days, but it happened after like 10 minutes. I've left a ping google.com -t on and it hasn't happened since, but since its totally random if it will happen I don't know how useful ubuntu would be for diagnosing it.
  3. Hey, I've been having this funny problem recently with my internet. It randomly peters out, just going dead for 2-5 minutes. I have a bandwidth meter, and it is recording really low (.0.-.3 kbps) readings down and up (though that might just be whats going through my connection. Anyways, I can't reach the internet at all, no IM, downloads, web sites etc. The thing is, it is ONLY happening on my desktop. All my other computers (which have wireless) can go on the internet, reach the router, etc but the desktop can't. I have no idea why it's happening and it's REALLY annoying. Any help would be great.
  4. Moo

    Hacker Backpack

    O.o what are the floppy drives for? I haven't used one in years :-P
  5. Moo

    Hacker Backpack

    All the bump keys need to be called in to buy... I'm not a locksmith, so...
  6. Moo

    Hacker Backpack

    Hey, I need helping finding/deciding on a few items. Where do you get lockpicks/bumpkeys in the US? Also, what's the best sets for tools and such? What are the best lighters and where can you get one? Oh, and Cat5/5e vs Cat6. Thanks! Here's my list so far:
  7. Moo

    Hacker Backpack

    Well, you've inspired me to not only stop lurking but also to make a hacker's backpack. I've got a list made up at home (I'm at school), and hopefully I'll be able to get enough money to get the stuff I don't have. Prolly $150-300
  8. Oooh. Could a non-programmer use it? Because I would love a copy!!
  9. well he could do that and test it out
  10. Hey, I've been playing around with foobar a lot and I relaly like it. However, I want to know whether it's possible to skin the title bar and status bar and stuff, the stuff controlled by windows. I know some programs have complete theme control, (iTunes for example ignores the windows XP theme). Are there any programs that allow you to do this to a single window somewhat easily? I'd love to be able to!!
  11. Does anybody know of a VPN that can be done silently so that 2 computers are always hooked up together Hamachi-like as if they were on the same LAN at all times? I'd really appreciate it if somebody could show me how.
  12. I cant seem to connect to my desktop from my mac... it says the alias 'computername' could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found. EDIT: If it makes a difference, people can't seem to connect to my DNSed website (hosted on the same computer) either, through various DNS places or direct IP address. (though I can from my home network)
  13. Erm, could you give an example of how this works? Read my profile for why :-P.
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