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Hi guys!!!!

I think so the Karma on my wifi pineapple don't work correctly, because:

The pinapple found many probes, but don't associating anybody. Some times one yes, but it is incomum, pinapple found 30~50 different probes and associating just one or two. The simple test: I turned off my home's wifi and turn on my notebook and my smartphone. The pinapple found notebook and smartphone probes, but not associating anybody.

Notebook: Dell
Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S2

I down grading to 1.1.0, 1.1.1, and 1.4.1 and nothing.

If I change the SSID to the same name and password of home's wifi, all thats ok, but the Karmas's function is change it automatic no? and do this with all probes found. This statement is correctly? My notebook and my smartphone have a home's wifi saved and configured to connect automatically.

PS.: The notbook and smartphone connects on wifi pineapple after change the ssid and password to the same home's wifi, but in Karma Intelligence Report not show anything, and in the Karma log:

Jul 25 03:09:45 KARMA: Checking SSID for start of association, pass through wifihome
Jul 25 03:09:45 KARMA: Probe Request from XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX for SSID 'wifihome'

This comportament of my pineapple is correctly? I'm wronging anything?

I'm togheter in this bugs:



Tks for your help!

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As far as i know, the pineapple wil see also probes for WPA/WPA2 requests. But KARMA and co. cant emulate the AP since it haven't the key.

So i assume and hope your home AP is WPA2 protected. No chance for the pinapple to emulate them.

Try this:

Connect your laptop to a open AP (you can create one on your Phone or Pineapple for example)

Turn the AP off and turn KARMA on.

Now KARMA should make the magic.

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Karma can see, and mimic WPA/WPA2 probes.

Problem is that many OS's now record details about the AP, i.e. was it previously encrypted? MAC addresses etc. So when the Pineapple is issuing Probe Responses with "I'm xyz", the host OS may choose to ignore them, and/or present the user with a warning that the WiFi network is different than previously used; As is the case for my IOS/OSX devices.

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I've never seen karma try to spoof an encrypted network with an unencrypted network.

That would be an interesting idea though... Automatic AP Duplication. Where the pineapple sets its own open network name to the name of the AP it is connected to automatically.

Is this even possible?


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