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FireFox 2


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Although, unless I'm smoking some serious crack, I dont think Firefox 2 has been officially released?! Yes it is in release candidate stage (the 3rd to be exact), but it JUST got into RC3, so it will be at least a little bit before they even decide whether or not to roll out another RC, let alone finalize.

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Well its kinda tricky, caous Mozilla has confirmed that its the 2.0 version but they tell that they do not say that they dont change stuff in it until the release l8ter today when the official release comes out, im not gonna install it before i see it on the mozilla website caous its l8t here and i need some sleep, but ill totaly dl it tomorow when its out on the Mozilla website "Dont kill me if the release day isent today but i think i read about it in Extreametech.com"

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Yep, I knew it was being released. BUT it isn't compatible with Pandora; it requires you to update to Flash Player 9, or it won't display anything... Is there anything that can be done? If not, I guess I'll have to figure out how to keep my settings and go to the original Firefox.... :(

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I'm going to use the temporary file thing posted in a different topic of this section of the forum. Once that's going you can use this with both IE and FF, and possibly even Opera, regardless of Flash version.

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Umm, I don't know what you are saying about it, but whatever it is will let you use Pandora on most browsers regardless of flash??

Sooo, can you update me on whether it works?!

And Aerol33t, are you saying it works fine with Flash 9, or it hasn't forced you to update to Flash 9? Because mine forced me to update.

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OK, I got it earlier today, it did seem to be officially launched. I've been using it all day and here's what I have to say.

1. Most of my extensions are not compatible with it. As there appears to be no real reason to upgrade, ur probably better off not bothering. Edit: remember when your tabs overflowed off the edge... doesnt happen now, u can scroll side to side to get to your tabs.

2. In 1.5 there used to be a close tabs button to the right of tabs. 2.0 does not have this by default, instead there's an X on each tab, which is pretty ghey. You can change this back by loading the address 'about:config' and changing the value of 'browser.tabs.closeButtons' to '3'.

3. There seems to be a wierd little bug whereby the first time you click on a page, like to view source for example, the page scrolls right up to the top, so you basically have to click it twice.. dunno whats going on with it. I think if I was u i'd wait until the next version... 2.1 or whatever.

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2. In 1.5 there used to be a close tabs button to the right of tabs. 2.0 does not have this by default, instead there's an X on each tab, which is pretty ghey...

Not at all. I prefer the new way. Just a matter of taste I guess.


But DOES Pandora work with it?!

Why haven't you tried yet?

I have and it does work.

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Hi MaxRabbit,

MR> I HAVE to upgrade to flash 9!!!

I have SeaMonkey, FireFox and Opera installed. If

i verify using the link shown below, SeaMonkey has

version 9.0 r16.0 while FireFox and Opera got v8.0

r22.0 and this allowed me to play Pandora's Jar in

the past (until moving to the 7.4.0 version) while

i could play more recent Flash content. A FireFox

test used to display v8.0.24.0, actually, but some

strange event slipped my attention because i found

v9.0.16.0 in the other browsers as well so i ended

up removing it and i didn't find the same v8 setup

file as before. Anyway, this link proved helpful:


I'm not really sure how Flash support was upgraded

in FireFox but i vaguely remember that to have two

different versions i used an .XPI link (see above)

in order to install v9 in SeaMonkey, then the .EXE

setup file (v8 of course) handled FireFox/Opera...


Sorry but i couldn't find an .EXE or .XPI v8 link.


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