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  1. Unless you have a strange setup, no matter what version, you don't run the pandora ripper by clicking its .jar. Since you say you have the most recent version, its really easy as they come with a .bat already included. Just execute the pandora.bat file instead by navigating to the folder its located in, inside a command prompt, and type pandora.bat 8080. The port number can be really whatever you want, as long as it isnt being used by anything else.
  2. It never forced me to update... and I don't see why it would? Even if it does, why not just re-downgrade to flash 8?
  3. Well... errr... Im using RC3 (same exact thing as the official version), and pandora works great?!
  4. Ill eat my words: Its official, Firefox 2 is being released at 1700 PST today.
  5. Although, unless I'm smoking some serious crack, I dont think Firefox 2 has been officially released?! Yes it is in release candidate stage (the 3rd to be exact), but it JUST got into RC3, so it will be at least a little bit before they even decide whether or not to roll out another RC, let alone finalize.
  6. -Pulls up the bios just fine for me... although I dont know if the cddb tagger is working or not.. hard to tell since i use a musicbrainz tagger on my music library anyways.
  7. I cant wait for a cleaned up version... one that I can maybe actually read and understand... Keep up the good work Cooper.
  8. I used the one in the main directory (though mine also does have the second pandora folder inside... im guessing Cooper was using it for a "backup" to go back on or something...)
  9. Wow works beautifully now. Thanks a ton. All tags are saved, mp3 is saved, everything is back to the way it was. Awesome.
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