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  1. I am big fan of Ubuntu just because its so easy to use. Perfect for a laptop. Hence I installed on my lappy. But Backtrack is what I would go with for a desktop application.
  2. Cool idea with the tape. Maybe you could cut out window on the side of the case and use clear Duct tape. this way you have a Duct tape window.
  3. wow nice job. All my cases are black. And if I get a new case that isn’t you better believe i am going to paint it black. But you got me wanting to try out this dye. again nice job on the Wiki worthy post.
  4. tres cool. I like how you put it together.
  5. This is a great idea. My lappy is always way too hot. I am sure there is a way you could make the water cooling more user friendly. To keep it practical you would need to be able to have a heatskin that is connected to the stock cooling system exposed. This way you can hook up your water-cooling on the fly. What if you made a massive heatsink that mounts on the back of your LCD. if you had the right copper tubing hooked up to the CPU heatsink you might be able to passively cool the laptop Kinda like those Zalman cases that go for a grand.
  6. Of course I am paranoid. Everyone is trying to kill me! When it comes to security though seriously why are we such freaks about it. What is so important that you can’t afford to loose? And if it’s that important why have you not backed it up yet? Its not like you have your credit card info located in a text file on your C: called robmeblind.txt
  7. Lesstj

    LAN defense

    Dude I LOVE the idea. Moving the power switch should not be hard at all. I just recently moved the power switch from my case to right into a panel on my desk and threw in some USBs for good measure. For the electrocution thing, couldn’t you hack up one of those novelty shockers to fit where the power button was? You shouldn’t need to hook it up to the PSU that way. May make things easier.
  8. Never believe what MS says. There is a reason why we call them Micro Shaft. Though if you do some digging around you can find a pretty nice hacked up image of XP that will be better configured then a regular install of XP. Tricks like selective startup are already setup and often there are a boatload of apps installed like VLC, Winamp, Putty, DIVX... I am going to try the home into pro regedit this weekend on a buddy's comp, I’ll let you guys know how it goes down.
  9. I got time shifting to work no prob. It was no different then it was for 1.5. Though I am going to keep running portable 1.5 until the plugins catch up to version 2.
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