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  1. This is what I do, and it's been working great. Find a computer you never use, like some old old thing that can't do much. Reformat the hdd, and install xp. If the computer runs slowly then just put it into the "old" theme of xp. Get this computer an internet connection. If not ethernet, they make some easy to use wireless adapters for even $15 nowadays. Install pandoras jar, and get it working. Go to realvnc.com and get the free version. Go to start>all programs>realvnc>Real-vnc Server USER MODE. Add a password and encryption if you want. Now, once its working, turn the volume do
  2. I as well as a few others, were using pandoras jar, while pandora released the update. I deleted my %temp% folders contents, firefox cache, and all pandora file except /mp3 pandoras jar, with cf7 always says "Initing mp3 rip..." What do we need to do it to get it to work?
  3. does "PortableFirefox" have its own cache? If so that may be a way for parallel ripping.
  4. They did change something. I was listening, and it stopped playing. Pandora said "We've changed something while you've been playing music, and to get our update to continue playing music, you must refresh the page" Thats when the madness started :) (within the last 4 hours) Most likely, they changed the filename of temporary file names so pandoras jar can't find the files.
  5. Greasemonkey no longer required! I compiled that guy's script into a firefox extension with a skim version of greasemonkey inside of the extension. Download this here: http://www.divshare.com/download/98085-fb7 or http://www.mooload.com/new/file.php?file=files/030207/1170524480/pandorasjar.xpi To use open the .xpi file with firefox, press install, then restart firefox. Enjoy, Tested and Working. Firefox 0.9 - and probably later versions.
  6. try clearing all temp files by doing this: exit firefox&pandoras jar got to: %temp% (put that into the address bar) delete all I get the same problem a lot and have had to delete all my music a few times, this is pissing me off as well.
  7. yep, greasemoney is what I was going to use, but it seems you've beat me to it, good job, that works :)
  8. downgrading to flash 8 is important! just go to labs.adobe.com find the flash 9 download page there on the very bottom of the dl page theres an uninstaller. uninstall, then go to oldversion.com and download flash8
  9. Hello everyone, I've been using php&javascript for a long time, just started learning jave a while ago. I have a few things I'd like to say, and in the future contribute to this project. ______1______ I've been having trouble with it updating to my last.fm account, so I decided to add javascript to the grabber, so (regardless of whether or not the song has already been downloaded), it makes a cookie for current song title, artist name, hopefully soon album name, and album cover url. Album cover isn't working, Im guessing pandora updated the code recently. I made a script that reads t
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