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  1. Whell - i don't know what the filenames were up to now, but now in my %temp%/plugtmp-1 the mp3-files are called something like "8392605740416853272" without an extension. If that's the only change, it shouldn't be that much work to fix for the guys who're doing the .jar
  2. Hello, since yesterday evening i have a strange problem with pandora's jar. I'm using the latest version from link in the "noobs guide" thread with Songbird. Now everything worked normal till yesterday, whenever i clicked on "grab this track" it did. Now since yesterday it doesn't work anymore, without me having changed anything. When i click on "grab this track" nothing happens - nothing at all, not even an error msg. Now it looks like "grab this" isn't a button anymore (here's what i mean: if i hover the pointer over the "save settings" button it changes to a hand, and i get the "java scr
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