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  1. lmfao Why would there be over 1000 posts for a lie? If you can't read simple instructions and make a peice of software work on your PC how dare you come here and call all those that are capable a "buncha bullshitters" What a n00b
  2. I sincerely believe we're witnessing a misunderstanding. I took your use of the word "trivial" to mean that it would be easy to so - not at all complicated. I assume Cynagen took your use of the word "trivial" to mean that it was an unnecessary request and that your opinion was that as it was unnecessary you'd not consider adding it as an option. I think the word "trivial" caused confusion as it's not usually used in the context you used it in. At least that's how I read it.
  3. Not at all. I prefer the new way. Just a matter of taste I guess. Why haven't you tried yet? I have and it does work.
  4. I wonder if a Greasemonkey script could be written to automate this process.
  5. Yes, its 7.4 (the post right above mine gives the link.) You are running in Firefox with Flash 8? Yes, I uninstalled 9 and installed 8. And I use nothing but Firefox Latest version of Sun Java VMM installed?
  6. Yes, its 7.4 (the post right above mine gives the link.) You are running in Firefox with Flash 8?
  7. I see album art in the Pandora window but it's not downloading along with the MP3
  8. Actually the album art isn't downloading for me. Artist bio frequently fails for the 1st song of a session but works ok 99% of the rest of the time.
  9. No. Somebody (Barley?) created a 7.4.x version a while back (but all links were removed from the main thread for some reason) It had some improvements one of which was the addition of a lyrics lookup. The code for grabbing artist/track data is the same as the 7.3.x versions though so it will no longer work. If I enable scrobbling to last.fm whilst using your 7.4 version (and this happened in 7.3.x too) the time is sent incorrectly to last.fm as though I'm in a different timezone. It's sent to last.fm as though I listened to the track one or two hours in the future. :?
  10. I think that the link to the beta.7.4.1 version needs removing as this is from the old 7.4.* version which will no longer work. It does(did?) contain a fix for the incorrect timestamp issue when scrobbling to last.fm so maybe it could be dissected
  11. Hehe I wouldn't be at all surprised if Pandora are actively watching this forum
  12. I forgot to say "Thank you" :oops: I can't wait until you polish things even further.
  13. I ignored the contents of the root folder and used the contents of the pandora-7.4.0 folder 2 future issues to be addressed to make me even happier. (I know Cooper hasn't looked at anything other than getting artist/track info yet) :) 1) update the version number ;) 2) Get the timestamp for scrobbling to last.fm right. For me it's making out that I listened to the track at some point in the future.
  14. Well I am very very happy that this is now working again! :D
  15. Well done! 8) /me looks forward to version 7.4 :)
  16. I'll help you if I can. I think the jar was good whilst it worked but I was always hopeful that a better solution was a possibilty. I sincerely hope you're able to turn this dream into a reality. PM me or post instructions here and we'll see if we can get this road on the show ;)
  17. It might be worth keeping an eye on this post over at the last.fm forum. Some guy has made a Firefox extension which scrobbles from Pandora. It stopped working with the update to Pandora. If he updates it to cover the new Pandora API then shouldn't it be fairly easy to see where he's getting the artist/track data from?
  18. I was unable to find the source for openpandora. Is it publicly available? I wish! Can it be decompiled? The XML files appear within temp folders... maybe they can provide some info...? But I'm just a user not a coder/hacker. :oops:
  19. The OpenPandora project has found the artist + track info. My rudimentary examination shows that he's parsing/ gathering XML data. But I'm just a user not a coder/hacker. :oops:
  20. /me crosses fingers. GL HF (and don't let the boss catch you) ;)
  21. Still "unable to locate artist and song information."
  22. After editting line 162 I still get "unable to locate artist and song information" when attempting a grab. :(
  23. The info is available somewhere... This project is extracting the info.
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