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  1. Thanks for the tip but it's the same thing that i said in my first post. :? The first AudioUrl that is into the xml is the song that is currently in play in pandora. The next 3 AudioURL tags are the next 3 songs that will be played. But if you skip the song or if you change the station a new xml will be generated.
  2. Yes, it´s pretty simple. The only thing you must have in mind is when you change the station or you skip the song a new xml will be generated.
  3. People it´s really easy to download the mp3 to your computer. Do the following thing open the pandora page with the internet explorer. Then log in into pandora and start lessen songs. Then go to your temporary internet files and drag the following file "v8?rid=" into a firefox blank page. This file v8?rid=numberP&lid...... (it´s a really long name) is an xml so what you are going to see in the firefox page is the following: methodResponse> ? <params> ? <param> ? <value> ? <array> ? <data> ? <value> ? <struct> ? <me
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