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  1. That's a very good point acctually, would love to get my hands on all that music though ;)
  2. Sorry, I meant to say like has there been any cases of where there have been illegal server access, or if anyone knows of any of the Ip's of the servers? I know that I simply couldn't walk onto the servers, but I could see if I could find another way around.
  3. I thought it was a feesable post tbh
  4. Shortbus? Sorry im quite new here :oops:
  5. I emailed Pandora a few weeks ago asking how they stored there music, they said they kept it on their own servers [which was pretty obvious] but what I want is possible access to these servers. I did think that the coding might be in the SWF as, it pulls in from somewhere, but after decompiling that and sifting through it I found nothing :( Has anyone seen any information on this? :)
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