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CMD Buffer Overflow

Darren Kitchen

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I just got this emailed to me and thought it was interesting:






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Could you perhaps use this to insert shellcode which would give you a shell? :wink:

I thought it was public knowledge that the Windows command line can only take 256 characters?

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thanks.. I made a .bat :) crash on demand

I dont believe there is something to be made out of it tough...

OR I cant imagine how / what would be involved !

other than, haha I made you waste time starting the debugger!


but hey still thanks! :)


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Wow. Windows Server 2003's cmd.exe does nothing, it doesn't give me a DEP message, no "AAAAAAAAAA..." cannot be found as would be expected. Nothing.

But in command.com on the same machine, when I pasted it, it started making this long sequence of beeps from the motherboard, then when the beeping stopped, i just closed the window and didn't want to even try running it, but I then got a Stop Error (BSOD) and had to ruin my uptime. (I know, dont test exploits on your webserver)

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