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  1. As a comp sci student, I have to say I love the format my teacher uses: You have problem sets to do, work on them in class (and at home if you want to), you will have a test on this day. Pretty simple. We spend 95% of the time in the class coding, and it's the most efficient way. One note: allow some open-endedness on coding problems. If a kid wants to do something cool and fun with an assignment, let them, and help teach them. Also, not allowing students to use break; outside of switches will annoy the hell out of them, but it'll also help them learn to code well. I know I've hated my comp sci teacher for it, but it also helped me when I was learning loop use.
  2. Yeah, what would be the fast-track to figuring it out is to get a copy of the software and a reader. That would, of course, be hard to do, and also would likely be very ILLEGAL.
  3. You could try to recreate the HackBox idea with those network cards. Maybe create a small network in your house of minimalist computers and use them to smack around servers, or perhaps to speed up bruting by distributing it across 3 or more cheapo, low-grade computers. Also, I suppose, super-seeding torrents.
  4. I mean, to be honest, you can do a whole hell of a lot with a powerglove. What might give you more useability and range, when they're available, are the new Nintendo Wii controls. Harder to configure as a keyboard, I suppose, but damned useful for, say, presentations.
  5. Well, luckily for you, you aren't a n00b. It happens to us all at some point, don't worry.
  6. Isn't one of the traditional PW workarounds to delete the SAM file and login with a blank-PWed administrator account?
  7. Apply lateral pressure with a lever to the cracked area. VIOLA! Macbook pinata.
  8. If you have time you could always boot up something like Auditor (http://www.remote-exploit.org/index.php/Auditor_main) and use the included pwdump utility to dump the Admin password hash then take it home and decrypt it with some rainbow tables. I'm aware of auditor, I'm personally trying to challenge myself to create an integrated software package to temporarily drop Fortress and Symantec and give me full computer access. The problem I'm having is finding chinks in Fortress. Edit: Though, as a sidenote, I don't know the BIOS PW on any of the computers, and the BIOSes aren't set to boot from CD. One question that I have: Even when I get Symantec to bugger off, I've been consistently getting an error from PWDump. It is as follows: BindUploadShareToLocalDrive returned an error of 5 Unable to find a writable share or available local drive on (I'm auditing the comp name) This is vexing me, because I'm not sure exactly what this means. Is it because Fortress is locking down file creation, because that doesn't seem to make sense considering I've done this on admin accounts too.
  9. Well, couldn't you be a real bastard and make it a preliminary boot function? I mean, it's a DOS command, it'll run before windows boots.
  10. I facing some problems with a school network myself. I'm trying to get the school admin password (just as a personal challenge) while working around Fortress, Symantec, DeepFreeze, and the highly annoying Novell Login. The one thing I have going for me is that almost all the computers in the school have the admin account, and a few of them have compromised security. I managed to get Symantec to go into a constant reconfig loop, but it still knocks out Pwdump.
  11. Neochivers, making thermite is the WORK-KEPT-SECRET in the universe. Google thermite, and you get tons of results. Wikipedia has a scientific analysis of the three main iron oxides. Srsly, guyz, srsly.
  12. ... Fill it with one part black iron oxide and one part aluminum filings. Ignite with sparkler. Yay, thermite. Oh, oh, or... fill it with solox, if you can get your hands on some. Fun stuff.
  13. Considering this is Hak.5, I think we should seriously considering renaming it the USBHaksaw. Just for flair.
  14. Yeah... I can't see anythin inside SBS or nmpinstall. System file and hidden file viewing are allowed, and windoes explorer does say there are files inside (in the prop. window), but doesn't show them.
  15. I must say, I really love Python. It's simple, and a complete joy to work with. The code really reads, unlike a lot of programming languages. You can generally tell exactly what's going on. It's kinda like the exact opposite of MF :D
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