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Whats the best Free webpage provider?


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nah I use freewebs but they're not that bad...

though I don't host any actual web pages, I just use it as a file repository...

Reasons why freewebs should NOT be used:

1. It allows people that aren't intelligent enough to get hacked to death and have their e-mail spammed.

2. It completely destroys any chances of learning HTML because it is all visual.

3. It creates breeds of noobs that send e-mails to everyone they know to get a forum on their website without having an external host.

Just don't use Freewebs, or bravehost...or any of those stupid things...Just look for some free FTP web hosting where you have to upload the files...

A list of things you may find useful:

100 Webspace free CPanel Web Hosting

Macromedia Studio- Web Design Tools Free 30 Day trial

W3 Schools EASY HTML guide

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