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  1. I thought you would look more cuban. I don't know why.
  2. I want to make my own TrueCrypt volume, but I'm having trouble thinking up a extension for it to impersonate. I need an extension that could feasibly hold 200-300 MB (so no picture/text files), yet is so ubiquitous that nobody would really want to click on it to see what it is/does (ruling out executables and video for the most part). So I'm wondering if the Hak5izens could assist me in my time of n00bishness.
  3. They spell something out? Is it specific for each one or is it the same for all?
  4. Does anyone know the difference between Trackmania Nations and Trackmania Forever? I want to know which one I should download, seeing as how they'll both be free tomorrow.
  5. Here and Import Atlanta mostly.
  6. Or Italian. But that's pretty much the same thing.
  7. For some reason it's always looked like Chii to me.
  8. Actually that was a mistake; it's just going to be a hi-po PC.
  9. I've been hearing all these good things about H.264, like how it's better than just about any other format for small video sizes and resolutions, but I'm wondering if it's true. I ask because I'll be redownloading some videos I lost when my backup died and I want to know if I should go for it over DivX, which is another one of the choices. I'll be looking at the videos on either my 15.4" laptop or a PMP; I don't know which yet, but it'll at least have a 2.4" screen.
  10. I know it's a tool, but I would still like it to not look like shit when I take it out of my bag.
  11. I thought about Dell, but every time I see one I think the designs are bland and uninspiring, or I dread having to talk to some Indian when (and I do mean when) it breaks down.
  12. Let me get to my lappy & I'll get back to you.
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