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Songbird is an opensource media player that is supposedly supposed to catch on like firefox did for webbrowsers. Either way I have it installed on my linux box, and so far I really like it. It is still in beta phase so there are bugs being worked out, and the interface is a bit ugly. Its free, its opensource, it syncs up to the web so that you can buy music. Its like itunes, meets winamp, meets windows media player. It is also cross platform. So windows, mac, and linux users will be able to use it.


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I don't like it. I want my player to *JUST* play MP3s. This thing either contains or embeds the full Mozilla browser. That's ludicrous from my standpoint. Why have a program instance out there eating up 10s to 100s of megs of memory for some visual fluff when all you cared about was hearing the music?

It'll undoubtedly find a market and work wonders in it, but the definitive player it will almost certainly not become. I mean, how many of you use WMP to play music? Actually, I'm kinda scared of the answers I might get (Mooooo!) so scratch that question. Just realise that this is the application they're hoping to displace. Good luck amigo's. You'll most certainly need it.

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