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An Influx of N00bs


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Is it just me, or has there been an increased number of noobs and spam and general crap on the forums. I'm not really complaining, because the mods do an excellent job of cleaning it up, but i guess I'm just pointing it out to see if other people think the same.

Have a look at all the closed threads


I think it might be because the switchblade and the hacksaw were really cool and got lots of attention, so I'm guessing that it's gonna pass.

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I'd actually just like to make a note.

I'm not anti-new people or anything like that. In fact hak5 has a cool community and the more like-minded people we can collect, I think the better.

Dumb shits on the other hand, I'm not that fond of.

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yeah yeah i get that, im just not sure what your saying. wearing out? i know a lot has been locked lately but like others have said it's release week and "i want to be a haxor but i dont have a program can you teach me i like hack5".

Anyway, what do we need? better TKAF thread lock images? More mods? Better lock icons? Or just blast the effing locked threads and noob-be-gone.

sorry, i'm still very dazed and confused since the accident

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It was just a crack at how many threads have been locked in the passed week. I know its release week but its reaching new levels of lockage. Maybe change the signup process to include a brief set of rules detailing what is acceptable, and what isn't?

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I suppose you could have it like, but it'd be hard to work out what conditions there would be until you moved up (that couldn't be easily exploited like number of posts) - and a lot of work to monitor. I was thinking more if there was a noobs/beginners bit it would take a lot of the annoying posts away from other sections of the forum, allow those who don't want to read them to simply not go to the section.

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