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  1. http://www.hackerstickers.com/
  2. Darren is done is flash, here is an exported jpeg for preview:
  3. Aardwolf, I might give that a shot. Are there any south park characters of you guys already made (like a picture)?
  4. Whoever put Pandoras ripper on digg wasn't thinking at the time.
  5. Well if there are decompilers, you could always use yar pirate skillz. Or find a free one with Google free|freeware swf decompiler -trial . Whats wrong with sound anyway?
  6. You can't thats like getting .c from .exe
  7. To insert something somewhere :roll:
  8. Try this... Options > Content > Load Images
  9. How could you do harmful things with a plastic spoon? Maybe if you would cover it in poison, and buy someone a soup. :D
  10. 1233 is the correct answer to your original equation, your new equation is totally different. You said that first number multiplied by 3 equals to the second plus first.. etc.. There are 2 possible answers to your new equation 1344 or 2684. Come on something more complicated! :)
  11. Damn I miss more games like that, pure strategy. I hope it will be stores soon.
  12. Ask in the Sticky-ed thred. And ripping from Pandora is illegal, I think it was a bad decision to put it in the show.
  13. Video podcasts: Hak.5 BSOD Techcentric Podcasts: Security Now SploitCast I watch dl.tv sometimes too.
  14. Winners don't do warez. But I bet you can find wonders with Google.
  15. Buy bigger hard driver for porn. (just kidding... no i'm actuly serious). Or you could install Open Office, Firefox, Winamp. Stuff like that. Damn I'm bored.
  16. You feed birds with security software and there isn't any left for you?
  17. Digg: Intel Launches Conroe Tonight! Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, all launching tonight! 1.86GHz for $183 to 2.93GHz for $999, availability to come on July 23rd. Intel's goingn to make deep price cuts on existing processors too.
  18. I use 2 extensions for Firefox on Windows, No Script (it keeps you safe) and Adblock. But from now on I'm an Opera user. Give me one thing that Firefox does better than Opera.
  19. I dislike YaST, it needs 2 minutes for every change you make. I would recommend Ubuntu or Debian, never tried Fedora Core but it sounds cool. About installing software: In Debian and Ubuntu you can use "apt-get install <program_name>". Or if you get hold of a .deb package just double click on that, in SUSE, Fedora Core,... these are .rpm packages (precompiled binaries). But if you get a source package the routine is (usually) ./configure -> make -> su -> make install, but take your time and read the readme file that comes with it. Check out http://www.linuxreality.com/. It covers the basics and takes a look at some distros.
  20. Firefox didn't crash once on Linux but it crashed a lot on windows, mostly when I had multiple tabs open. I would use Opera if it wouldn't have a session saver and X on every tab. Edit: You can disable all that stuff in Opera. :)
  21. One day I installed Firefox on 2 school computers, few days later all computers got Firefox installed.
  22. You could read a book. OR Calculate 2^1024 by hand.
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