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  1. http://www.hackerstickers.com/
  2. Darren is done is flash, here is an exported jpeg for preview:
  3. Aardwolf, I might give that a shot. Are there any south park characters of you guys already made (like a picture)?
  4. Whoever put Pandoras ripper on digg wasn't thinking at the time.
  5. Well if there are decompilers, you could always use yar pirate skillz. Or find a free one with Google free|freeware swf decompiler -trial . Whats wrong with sound anyway?
  6. You can't thats like getting .c from .exe
  7. To insert something somewhere :roll:
  8. Try this... Options > Content > Load Images
  9. How could you do harmful things with a plastic spoon? Maybe if you would cover it in poison, and buy someone a soup. :D
  10. 1233 is the correct answer to your original equation, your new equation is totally different. You said that first number multiplied by 3 equals to the second plus first.. etc.. There are 2 possible answers to your new equation 1344 or 2684. Come on something more complicated! :)
  11. Damn I miss more games like that, pure strategy. I hope it will be stores soon.
  12. Ask in the Sticky-ed thred. And ripping from Pandora is illegal, I think it was a bad decision to put it in the show.
  13. Video podcasts: Hak.5 BSOD Techcentric Podcasts: Security Now SploitCast I watch dl.tv sometimes too.
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