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I have a powered USB HUB and I am afraid of destroying my pineapple with it.

The reason is if I have no power on pineapple and I connect the USB HUB that is plugged into mains I see the LED in Pineapple turn on.

I connect the back side of the hub, the part that usually connects to PC USB (not the front USB)

So I am surprised that there is power coming out. I am afraid if I connect the hub and the pineapple

to mains I will destroy the pineapple.

So is this normal? Can I just connect?

Thanks for help

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This is not supported by the jasager team.

I would recommend getting a short usb extension cable and cutting the power cable, (red I think - although do your research before you continue) leave the other cables intact, this will prevent 'backpower' flowing to your pineapple.

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You can research it for yourself if you want, but I've heard of people having good performance with the Anker and D-Link DUB hubs with no feedback issues.


D-Link DUB

Still, using the usb extension with the cut power wire would be the safest and most certain option.

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USB HUB Report.

Hello I wanted to share
with you my experience with USB hubs.

1-Belkin USB 2.0 4Port HUB

When you plug in the hub into mains and then connect the Pineapple ( Pineapple not connect to
mains) on the back ( not the one of the four in front) it has power going
to pineapple. I then also connected the Pineapple and when both the Hub and
Pineapple are connected to mains it seems to work but the HUB gets very
hot up to the point it may melt the plastic. I opened a USB cable and cut the
RED cable. That did not work, I could no longer get connection between devices
and Pineapple

2- D-Link 4 Port DUB-H4

There is no Power feedback from Hub to pineapple. So no issues here. The bub is nice and small but the USB
connector are very close to each other. If you plug-in the 3G Modem direct the
second port becomes a bit blocked or not accessible. (I am using a Huawei
E173). It has a 2A power supply with it and I think it has to do with my 3G
Modem it blinks and try’s to connect but it does not. I know from the
forum that other people have no issues with it. But for me it would not work.

3- Anker 7 Port USB 3.0 HUB AK-68UPHUB-B8U

The first things that comes to mind when you see it is "WOW". This is how all HUBs should be
build. I know it is expensive. There is plenty of space to connect stuff and
there is plenty of space between connectors. It has a 4A power supply and when
I put the 3G modem it connects every time to the Internet. I have no
issues what so ever with this HUB.

Again these tests were done with a Huawei E173 and can be different with another 3G Modem.

I hope this helps someone
in future.

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I have to agree with you on the Anker. I'm using the Anker Uspeed 4-port (3.0/2.0) and it works great. No power feedback either. Regarding Belkin, maybe someone else's experience is different but a lot of Belkin equipment has always seemed a little bit dicey to me and I stopped using it some years ago. Glad to hear your Anker is working well for you.

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well I would have loved to be able to buy the Anker battery. I think it is called Astro3. But here in Germany they do not sell the one with 9V and 12V outputs ( only the one with 5V output)

so I bought this one:


The Anker hub needs 12V so I connect it to the 12V output and the pineapple to a USB connector output

This works perfect for me and I have found that the Huawei pulls allot of power and I have not had issues until now.

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Nice. I buyed:

Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0 4 Port Compact Hub with Power Adapter and USB 3.0 Cable - Matte Black, VIA VL812 Chipset, 18 Months Warranty



Anker® Astro3 10000mAh Multi-voltage (USB output: 5V, 2A; DC output: 9V / 12V, 2A) External Battery Pack ( Dual USB Output plus DC Output )


It´s come in two weeks I hope, to make my Pineapple 100% portable.

I want to use Pineapple+3G+Usb8GB.

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Can I just cut and splice the power cord for the anker? Splicing it with a usb cord, so I can power it that way?

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