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  1. Hello, have a look at this: Video Rgds
  2. Search on Youtube..... here's a good one with lots of things : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrM4Lc0lkvN_T9KkvWeocog Rgds
  3. .......... can anyone help ? does anybody get this working ?
  4. Hello, I am sure it has to do with the conf file of nodogsplash. I am pretty sure it has to do with the " EmptyRuleSetPolicy " I just have not figured it out yet I thought I had to use the " EmptyRuleSetPolicy preauthenticated-users passthrough " but that did not work
  5. Hello, I flshed my Pinapple with 2.8.1 If I go to I can see I changed the "/etc/config/uhttpd and look for "list listen_http" to list listen_http I rebooted I then installed nodogsplash as above. If I then go to I can see I see the status page as I am suppose to if I then SSH into pineapple and start nodogsplash If i Then try and go I get "a blank page with the messgae " Unable to connect " If I open another tab and type in "google.com" I get the standard splash page with the dog. If I press on the dog It says connecting to google but it never loads any ideas what is wrong ? Thanks
  6. Hello, I do not think so i stoped it with /etc/init.d/uhttpd stop /etc/init.d/uhttpd disable That did not do it.
  7. Hello, I installed Nodogsplash on 2.8.1 and I have the following issue. After reboot if I connect over wireless to the pineapple I can go to google.com no problems. When I then start nodogsplash via ssh and then call google.com I get the nodogsplash page. If I then press on the dog it should forward me to google.com . But I get the loading until it goes to the error pages and does not load. any Idea what the problem could be ? Thanks
  8. Hello ravenium, Please pose your question in the mark IV forum. I am alos very interested in this. I m eager to get this to work. rgds
  9. Hello, I just got a cellular router. I see the router goes to the internet no issues. It is setup with DHCP and gives IP ranges from 192.168.0.XXX I then connected the ethernet cable to WAN port of the Pineapple. I did the commands : iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o wlan0 -s -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPTiptables -A FORWARD -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPTiptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE when i am in status page of the pineapple I see it got a WAN IP I alos see a public IP so to mee it looks as if all is owrking well. When I now connect over WLAN to the pineapple with my laptop. I see the pineapple status page but when I want to go to google it does not open any Idea what I am doing wrong ? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am searching for the best possible router the requirements are: 1- Should have the DSL modem build in. (VDSL if possible) 2- If possible should have a local DNS server 3- No need for WLAN ( I live in Germany we have steel concret floors, so WLAN router have issue, and I have WLAN access point on each floor so no need for WLAN on router) 4- I just want the most up to date product so I do not have to worry about it for some time. 5- A DMZ zone 6- Not needed but nice to have, two WAN I was looking at the Zywall USG100, but it has no modem build in. I know of DD-WRT, that would be OK, But all the routers I seen are 2or 3 year old models. any suggestions Thanks
  11. Hi, I only found this from China. I was hopping to buy this in Europe. I hope you can see inside the small pin I was talking about it is on the other side of a regular SMA
  12. Hello, I use a GSM router with my Pineapple. I would like to put the router in a case with the pineapple. For this I need a similar cable as the RP-SMA extension cable. It should be similar to the one offered in the hack shop for WLAN. But the difference is that on th side were the nut is it should have the small pin inside and on the other end it should not have the pin. So it is reverse ( for the small pin inside) of the SMA cable for WLAN. Does anybody know what they call this cable ? I been searching for it but could not find anything. Thanks for help
  13. well acording to this : http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/wiki/doku.php?id=guide3gmodem it is one of the standard 3G modems that work out of the BOX GREAT DEAL
  14. In your first log I can see that it is connect as removable disk " Attached SCSI removable disk " I am no 3G expert but this to my understanding. This means it is mounting as disk and you do need modeswitch ( ...... my understanding) On what is the Pineapple connected ? I mean what type of power supply ? ( ... my experience is that 30% have power issues here) also read this : https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?id=30002 it helped me
  15. this is my 3G script you may need to addapt it to your model, vendor a APN ...
  16. Hello, I am not using your 3G modem and I am not using Orange. But since you say when you are connecting wth the laptop you are using as login and password "orange" so this must be the login and password that you use. A problem that always happens with 3G is power. Make sure you are using a good power supply connected to mains. I am using a Huawei and mine only seems to work when I connect it to a HUB with 4A output. When I connected it direct to pineapple it would work from time to time only. I also noticed in you 3G script that you do not have the modeswitch, try adding this after uci commit network: usb_modeswitch -v 19d2 -p 1003 and change sleep 2 line to sleep 10 rgds
  17. Hi Xneox, Please understand that people get anoyed when they get these very general questions. They are also thinking to themself " This guy can not even setup an internet connection, what is he doing with a pineapple ?" this is basic network stuff. Just do trouble shoting like you would with any PC ( ie can you ping, are your ip setup correct, make sure the cable is connected to the correct port and so on ). The above video is realy well done and it is very clear just make sure you do everthing correct. If you are doing this then give the output so people can analyse what you are doing wrong. Make a clear long description of your problem. I know we all have to start at some point. But in order to get help you will need to give a more specific issue description Typical beginner mistakes are not connecting to the pineapple POE port but to WAN port and trying to reach pineaplle under old URL and not the new ( ) you say in first post " I have set int ip gate way addresse to my wifi card" The gateway is your router IP and not your WiFi card anyway good luck
  18. Coming back to my orginal subject :) My RED Ducky is stil lon standard Firmware. The new Duckys I alos did not flash them so I thought it was also still the same firmware. Can I see what firmware version I am running ? As for SD card. I actually take the SD out of the RED one and put it into the new one so it can not be the SD card. I guess something changed in hardware. I think it is just good for you to know.
  19. Hello My first Duck was a RED one and it works fine. I just got 2 new ones and they are green. When I put the same inject.bin in the new ones they seem to be faster.... can that be ? Rgds
  20. Hi, I wrote something about HUB's here: http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28781-usb-hub/ ..... go for the Anker
  21. well I would have loved to be able to buy the Anker battery. I think it is called Astro3. But here in Germany they do not sell the one with 9V and 12V outputs ( only the one with 5V output) so I bought this one: http://www.amazon.de/XTPower-MP-10000-Powerbank-Ladeadapter-Thunderbolt/dp/B006N48VJY/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1361537899&sr=8-15 The Anker hub needs 12V so I connect it to the 12V output and the pineapple to a USB connector output This works perfect for me and I have found that the Huawei pulls allot of power and I have not had issues until now.
  22. Here is the wiki for new 3G modems : http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/wiki/doku.php?id=guide3gmodem You can read this post and see some good links to solve some stuff. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28774-problems-with-huawei-e173/ Make sure you have enough power to the 3G modem .... that is a veryy common issue. good luck
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