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  1. Now I can use it like my travel personal router!
  2. Hi, I got a problem. I connect the pineapple to my laptop and configure for example a dnsspoof. All works fine with my laptop and the pineapple ICS via. When I disconnect only the network cable from my laptop and connect the pineapple directly to my router I have this: I can connect from my laptop to the pineapple and get internet connection, but the dns spoof doesnt works- Any help?
  3. Yes, some infusions need to be changed manual I think.
  4. The wp4.sh script has Inputs, there you have to enter you config.
  5. But can make some post private, only for memebers that reach a number of posts.
  6. Is there a way to install it on the pineapple, not in the usb? When I triy it, give me error and back me to the install page. I really see the pineapple useless whitout a usb hub, but this and the extra battery make it a big package.
  7. I use the one that comes with the pineapple juice.
  8. Yes, the pineapple works fine and secure with 5V 1mah. It can works with 12V too. I use a Anker Astro3 (USB 5V 2.0 mah / 9V / 12)
  9. Thanks, let me check my pineapple.
  10. Yes, really nice config. A question. When you use usb hub, you connect all: usb hub to pineapple, usb pendrive, 3g bundle, and start the energy? The usb pendrive swap partition always mount as sda2? I got a proble, I dont know why, all runs ok, but later the swap partition desappear. I dont know if is a energy problem (i dont think so, I use a Ankor3 Astro) or if is the pendrive, but when I use the pendrive alone in the pineapple usb works fine.
  11. And nevere get installed? I have to wait like 10 minutes but get installed at least. Working fine.
  12. What kind of data this retrieve? I tested and always get no data...
  13. First you need to find the APN config from you ISP. Apn server, password and user. Google it.
  14. Hi, Apparently is running but give me this message: Warning: fread() [function.fread]: Length parameter must be greater than 0. in /usb/infusions/get/ui.php on line 45
  15. Yes, The Pineapple and the USB Hub are connected to the baterry. 5v each one.
  16. A Anker Astro3. I connect the pineapple and the usbhub on this battery.
  17. Hi, I got my 2.8.0. Firmware on a Pineapple Mark IV with a USB HUB with a 4gb pendrive and a 3G Huawei. I turn on the pineapple with the 4gb pendrive and without the 3G Bundle. When It start I connect the 3g, to force the USB as dba2, then connect the 3g bundel to the usb hub, but I dont know why, when I left the pineapple running alone, and I check it time later, the usb desappear from the pineapple, loosing the modules. Why can be that?
  18. With 5V the Pineapple with a 4gb standar pendrive, runs well. If you want to use a USB HUB, I recommend another energy source for the Hub. I think the Pineapple´s USB Port only send 5V.
  19. I think you cant mount 3g and musb at the same time. You have to use switchmode
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