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  1. Understood. Figured I'd ask. Was wondering if I should, perhaps, set my PineAP to have the same MAC as a target AP. And/or if there was a way to stetup PineAP with a blank WPS or WPA key that a user might just click through. ...? For instance, "Please enter WPA," <DERP>, <clicks OK with blank key>, Associated to PineAP.
  2. Do clients have to be associated with open/non-encrypted APs in order for PineAP to grab the association? And is there a way to circumvent this limitation?
  3. Ya, rc.local is what I've done. But didnt it use to stick across reboots?! I don't recall having this issue prior to upgrading to the latest firmware. I'm not sure if the UI is working. Someone should verify it is. Also, is there a way to query karma for the mac's its been given for black or white listing?!?
  4. I'm having this issue as well. Specifically across reboots. I do a hostapd_cli add_black_mac <mac> and things are fine. But after reboot I have to run the command again.
  5. I seem to be having an issue with the Karma blacklist. I've added my mac but karma just keeps on accepting probe requests from my machine. I've also tried manually adding it with hostapd_cli. Just keeps on associating me. Very frustrating of course :P Any ideas?
  6. just setup sendmail in rc.local to email you an output if ifconfig
  7. "Occupineapple :) (Sounds familiar, isn't it :P) This is indeed based on Darren’s idea" You should probably state what that idea is right up front ;P
  8. I've been trying out Tenergy's batteries. Dunno if anyone here has seen these, but they are pretty good and charge quickly. http://www.tenergy.com/Site/LiFe-Prismatic
  9. Figured it out: If URLsnarf is running Keylogger does not work. Any thoughts on why this is and what we can do about it? (also my URLsnarf is configured for wlan0 since if its on br-lan, which it is by default, it conflicts with SSLstrip) Two other things: 1) the logs should go into /usb/data/ 2) needs the autostart feature
  10. Yup. And I hit the manual refresh button. Nada.
  11. Typical setup using a laptop to route traffic through. Laptop wlan0 is furthest upstream, to eth0 then to br-lan on the pineapple and it's wlan0. Everything else is working ok, e.g., sslstrip and urlsnarf. Do I need to have those off for the keylogger to work?
  12. Ok, well, I've associated my client with the Pineapple, opened that URL and the keylogger module is reporting "no data captured." Any ideas what is going wrong?
  13. I seem to be having issue as well. And I'm probably doing something stupid. Is there a site, say doing a search on Slashdot, that we can use as a testing reference so that we're all on the same page (no pun intended)?
  14. I'm on 2.7.5 And the button infusion doesnt work either. I guess I'll try 2.7.7
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