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  1. Jesus, sygo! Plus 50 points. Out of my league, but still my favorite.
  2. Jam their ssid, then watch for probe requests being generated by the lost clients, re-configure according to your "objective". There arent many targets you WONT get.
  3. I'm testing now. But I think I just got 2 pineapples in tango-mode, a 4gb usb, 598u 3/4g modem, and a 24,000mah battery pack all crammed into a pelican case. Will post pics...
  4. Omfg! I want one. Petertfm, I know you are salivating. You see, guys, petertfm has palotovs dog syndrome when it comes to good pineapple enclosures.. . ;)
  5. been waiting for this thread. why won't anyone else post pics of their toolkit? I used to carry all this around in a computer bag with an acer netbook now I have these: and and I just get mezmorized by this one (it's an inside shot of everything packed into the pelican case and powered on...
  6. My very first mkiv also works fine. I think I was one of the first to get one also. And I assure you; no devices will associate with my pineapples # 1 or # 2, regardless of duration of attempts. I have spent many a night trying endlessly. Seb? Can I send you one? I could throw in a dub for your troubles. I bet someone can fix it.
  7. Thank you. I just never saw it coming from this angle. My kids? Fuck! And I teach such good values to them. Being vindictive and retaliatory are just not part of our morale. I am no 1337 hax0r,lol, but I know some things. I have NEVER used my skill-set to do harm, ever. I am seriously, without any doubt, fascinatd by info-sec that it is borderline obsessive.
  8. This a long story with many details, but I will get to them as I go... I was in disney world last week and I recieve a phone call from the principal off my 12 yr old daughters catholic school. She had a visit from the attorney general as well as some rep from the "internet safety division" (like that exists?) She is claiming that my daughter "hacked" another students facebook account. Where do I start? Why is the school involved? How did this kids parents bring in such BIG guns? This kid bullies her all the time... ..and there is documentation of that How do I defend her? Some of her friends have told the principal that her dad has books on hacking , of which I have many... I understand that she somehow convinced facebook that an email account she made was his, then simply did a pw reset. I am kinda proud, but...
  9. Errmm, uhh. Hmmmm. Study the underlying technologies/exploits and look for markers. I assume you are a teacher, Mr. Gray,lol. Very good, RHETORICAL question.
  10. If you can get 2 pineapples that actually stay working you can build a very nice neinsager piggy-back,and use second pineapple as a foundation for launching deauth,and logging,leaving resources on pineapple 1 fairly low... I am BIG on enclosures right now: Trash can with false bottom. Power meters An old boot <~great for alleys and large city applications Books Other non-intrusive electronics - shell only I have lived in some very big cities, and I can tell ya that drug dealers in, like, Oakland, for example, keep stuff in old burgerking coffee cups or mcdonalds paper bags. They tell you what to grab from the gutter. NOONE picks up trash... ..so fairly safe. My favorite? Drop ceilings, drop ceilings, drop ceilings. Even secure buildings have restrooms, which almost always have a drop ceiling. My battery lasts 26 hrs plus...
  11. I have 2 pineapples with VERY similar problems. Simply will NOT associate clients. Does not matter which version of mkiv, or location. This happened to me around day 80 of pineapple #2, and like day 31 on pineapple #3, and i KNOW that pineapple #4 is going to do it soon. I would REALLY like to fix this as I am wanting to send one to another hak5 member as a gift.
  12. Where have you been? I was seriously wondering...
  13. Look, I'm not debating this with you, seb. It's your website. And it's not a democracy. I feel privileged enough that I get to 'peek' into your world in the first place. I'm not a professional pen-tester, nor do I know php. But I'm also not a professional lots of things that I enjoy learning and doing. I guess I just felt threatened. I, too, do not want a bunch of id10t's posting 'how do I hack my neighbor' requests, but isn't a little of that just par for the course? I do not want you to feel as though I was telling you what you should or should not allow on your website, I was merely babbling about censorship. Besides, I think a little of what drives me to learn the things you guys all study is that I need to know more than that kid that makes those posts.... I would love to be a member of some elite forum so I had access to unprecedented knowledge, but the whole purpose of said membership is to be advanced in the first place, lol perhaps I'll go back to quietly reading, and be satisfied with that.
  14. obtaining an ip address via wifi, not just associating.
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