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MKIV freezing and crashing daily

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I recently got the mk4 but i am having problems with it freezing and/or crashing randomly and very often.

Im running 2.7.0, poe to ethernet and power via usb port on laptop (i have tried with the pineapple juice aswell)

What happens is im setting it up as per tutorial/how-to so its default setup, run the wp4.sh and i have access to the gui,everything works as it should but it seems like when i use sslstrip and urlsnarf together that is a sure freeze issue for the mk4. It does not answer ping nor ssh and needs a complete reboot and a wp4.sh run againg.

This also happens (although maybe every other day or so) just running the sslstrip - both modules are the newest, installed on usb with swap and downloaded from the pineapplebar.

Ive looked around and see some issues that looks related but nothing seems to fix this for me. Any ideas ?

Thanx :)

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(I DO NOT OWN A PINEAPPLE) Now, what I normally see around the forum is that you need to reflash... it makes sense... but I will state again, I do not own a pineapple... If you want, wait for someone who owns one... I would...

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(Owner of a MKIV)

What happens when you run the MKIV on its own included PSU?

What OS are you running?

Are you using the same usb cable in both instances?

if you are using bt5 stop wicd and network-manager then run wp4.sh

Me i think its a power issue and that you have resistance in the usb cable causing it to under volt the MKIV making it unstable.

Test your cable with an ohm meter.

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I just got the mkiv today. Fresh upgrade to 2.7.0 which wiped it clean. It has rebooted itself at least 6 times in the first few hours testing with it. I am running ethernet WAN mode with the included power cable. Nothing fancy.

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I've run into that too sublime - sometimes its better to offload some of the more intensive things to a proper computer, and leave the pineapple to do what it does best :)


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