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  1. I have a E3131 usb 3g dongle and i cant seem to figure out how to get it connected. When i try it on my laptop it works but only because i am able to enter a pin (which it wont let me disable) Ive tried entering the pin on the settings page on the mark v but nothing seems to get it to connect to 3g. Any ideas?
  2. I have tried reflashing it a few times just to be sure, didnt help any. As for OS ive tried BT5 and win7/8. By resistance in the usb power cable what do you mean ? whats the ohm meter output supposed to be ? ive tried it with the pineapple juice batterypack, thought that would be sufficient...?
  3. Hello I recently got the mk4 but i am having problems with it freezing and/or crashing randomly and very often. Im running 2.7.0, poe to ethernet and power via usb port on laptop (i have tried with the pineapple juice aswell) What happens is im setting it up as per tutorial/how-to so its default setup, run the wp4.sh and i have access to the gui,everything works as it should but it seems like when i use sslstrip and urlsnarf together that is a sure freeze issue for the mk4. It does not answer ping nor ssh and needs a complete reboot and a wp4.sh run againg. This also happens (although maybe every other day or so) just running the sslstrip - both modules are the newest, installed on usb with swap and downloaded from the pineapplebar. Ive looked around and see some issues that looks related but nothing seems to fix this for me. Any ideas ? Thanx :)
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