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  1. (Owner of a MKIV) What happens when you run the MKIV on its own included PSU? What OS are you running? Are you using the same usb cable in both instances? if you are using bt5 stop wicd and network-manager then run wp4.sh Me i think its a power issue and that you have resistance in the usb cable causing it to under volt the MKIV making it unstable. Test your cable with an ohm meter.
  2. what channel is it on? 11? Try switching to another channel and see if that makes a difference.
  3. OK round two gave up on wifidog and nocatsplash trying out nodogsplash again ( which is a mesh between the nocat and wifidog ) using this tutorial was able to install it ( and didn't brick it this time ) started with a freshly flashed MK3 w/2.1.2 ran opkg update then opkg install nodogsplash it installed ok set up /etc/nodogsplash/nodogsplash.conf added in the traffic control added in the interface to use [br-lan] added in the splash/error page then ran /etc/init.d/nodogsplash start and got [3][Thu Jan 1 00:21:06 1970][1730](gateway.c:249) Could not create web server: Address already in use EDIT: also getting this [3][Thu Jan 1 00:26:23 1970][1449](tc.c:164) Could not set imq0 up. Download limiting will not work /bin/sh: ip: not found [3][Thu Jan 1 00:26:23 1970][1449](tc.c:178) Could not set imq1 up. Upload limiting will not work is this because the pineapple is already using the web service for its own pages? ( i.e. phishing facebook.html ) EDIT 2: here is the status of nodog Starting nodogsplash ... ================== NoDogSplash Status ==== Version: 0.9_beta9.9.6 Uptime: 0d 0h 1m 15s Gateway Name: "MK3 Pineapple" Managed interface: br-lan Managed IP range: Server listening: Splashpage: /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/splash.html Traffic control: yes Download rate limit: 200 kbit/s Upload rate limit: 30 kbit/s Total download: 0 kByte; avg: 0 kbit/s Total upload: 0 kByte; avg: 0 kbit/s ==== Client authentications since start: 0 Httpd request threads created/current: 0/0 Current clients: 0 ==== Blocked MAC addresses: none Allowed MAC addresses: N/A Trusted MAC addresses: none ========
  4. Welcome to the hak.5 forums bfap40! The karmas log if found here on the MK4: /tmp/karma.log Dontknow if it needs to be running for that file to exist on the MK4 though. As for your other questions on the MK4 ( for other members to help out more quickly) please repost this as a new topic. and include as much as possible from Mr. Protocol's post here and we'll be glad to help! Again WELCOME!
  5. Unfortunately he is using the MK3 based off of the Alfa AP51 board which doesn't have a usb port. This would work if using it for the MK4. will have to try it out. should free up a bit more memory for the MK4 to play around with.
  6. as for the ipod. hit join network when it asks for the ssid try typing in "this is a fake" with open auth and see if it connects while karma is on.
  7. We need to know a few more thing here... 1. if you run iwconfig what is your alfa card on? wlan0 or wlan1? the wp4.sh defaults to wlan0 it could be that its forwarding to the incorrect interface. 2. are you using a network manager ( i.e. Wicd ) to connect your alfa card to your router? its been known to stop wp4.sh from working. 3. do you have another device that connects to the pineapple w/ karma off/on? a) and if so can you ping b.) can you ping google.com? 4. with your Debian OS and with karma off/on and the wp4.sh ran a) can you ping b.) does it drop off if you turn on karma or rerun the wp4.sh script? 5. have you black listed your alfa cards MAC address so it wont connect to the pineapple when Karma is enabled?
  8. been trying for a while to get nodogsplash to work. the .conf file looks like you can set it up just to do traffic ( port restrictions ) bandwidth ( both up and down ) control with a time out setting. but so far i've had to reflash the pineapple cause i keep messing up the settings. It'd be like having a captive portal with out the splash screen.
  9. just got mine in the mail today Shipping was 27 days <_< Worked perfectly. Was able to flash using the pin out from Mr. Protocols' Post and following the Clean Flash part of Seb's post. Came with a board and cable. All is well.
  10. If i'm going to the mall, I use a black takeout stryrofoam box. Cuts some vents on the bottem and slits along the top. Its big enough to hold the pineapple & battery & and a directional patch antenna. maybe even a Stromboli.;) No one thinks twice about it. Hiding in plain sight. For the office ( pentest ) working on a modified coffee caddy that will hold the MK4 and antenna.
  11. need to make the script executable first. run chmod 777 ./setWPS.sh then it should work ;)
  12. Which hardware? MK3 or MK4?
  13. Here is the POST for what you need. ;) EDIT: petertfm beat me to it. I'm a slow copy / paster
  14. EDIT: it appears i completely miss read this. therefore i'm withdrawing my last statement. Let us know if you get the storage on the laptop working! More info can be found HERE on the PirateBox project.
  15. From searching the interwebs found a the twitter page of the author of the software and there it said it was available.. only to subscribers of SILICA a professional WIFI pentesters tool. That tool runs to the tune of $2500. :( <== Very sad face
  16. That second link was an interesting read. Thanks for posting! Now searching for the software...
  17. If i'm not mistaken, from looking over the code it looks like yamas flushes iptables every time it starts. Been having an issue using it with the ./wp4.sh running together. Dont know if the pineapple makes heavy use of iptables but if it does i can see yamas breaking things. The disadvantages would outweigh its usefulness. best stick to learning sslstrip via command line.
  18. If you want to build yourself a batter pack HERE is a PCB 7.2v Circuit Protection board if you are using unprotected 18650's or the like. Used them in a number of other projects and they worked great!
  19. Change the pineapple's root password while ssh'ed in run passwd then enter in a new password that should keep him busy for awhile. Just don't forget the new password ( especially on the MK4 ) with the mk3 you just reflash it using the AP51 tool. Cant use that with the MK4, just serial from what i've heard.
  20. Welcome to the Hak5 Forums!! One thing that help me with the pineapple was running the MK3 with the 1.9v firmware and looking through the files/code while ssh'ed OR scp'ed into it. Reading also helped soooo much! Browse though the forums, there is A LOT of info to go over. Best way is first following the quick start guide HERE. To make sure you can even connect to the pineapple and sign into the webUI. There is some tutorials HERE. If running the MK3 hardware, the flashing tutorial is VERY good. And another place with a lot of other great info and awesome people to answer specific questions HERE. Browse the forums! If you are having an issue with some particular part of the Pineapple, rest assured someone else probably already has, and posted it on these forums for you to search for! Reading these over the next for days/weeks is going to be your best friend while learning to use the MK3 or MK4. And Google for anything else on Open-WRT. Knowing a little bit of Linux doesn't hurt either. Just picked up the MK4 and now I have even more to read and catch up on. B) Let us know if you are getting any errors/problems with running any of the software. Again welcome to the forums!
  21. The MK4 doesn't use the AP51 flash program as its not based off the AP51 PCB as the MK3 is. follow Seb's post HERE to update the MK4. The firmware can be downloaded here.
  22. Dont really care if I need it or not. ;) Its the whole part of wanting to know how it all works. Just in case I need to walk someone else through flashing via serial cable. Better to have it and not need it than need it and cant find it.
  23. Was looking at these two First from Amazon: USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6PIN Module Serial Converter That one has the cable and drivers ( pictured on site ) Costs around $9 after shipping in the States Second was is from VirutralVillage USB 2.0 to TTL UART Doesn't really say what comes with it Site says $6.99 w/ free shipping EDIT: (14-21 days) Both claim they work on 5v and more importantly 3.3v Picking up the latter we'll see how long shipping takes and will let you know if it makes a Pineapple unhappy or not
  24. Thanks telot! Well put together. worked the first time!
  25. Can you ping Use overlook fling on android. if you can i think it would be an DNS issue in the DHCP settings on the MK4.
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