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  1. Well, good timing... as I just landed two interviews in San Antonio. Time for a cross country drive. Knowledge + persistence (experience in related field) = win.
  2. Been a while, Hak5. I recently finished an 12+ month contract. Now, it is back to "feed or famine". Digip and all of you hak5 oldtimers, how are ya?
  3. LOL... it has been a forts age since I have been on the server end... so I am kicking off some rust. j4k3: I have a great understanding on how things work (and I know better than mess with a switch spanning tree). I merely watched outgoing traffic. No harm done. I thoroughly research everything before I touch anything. I know you did not mean to come across like a jerk; but I do know my way around a network. I am just asking the community if there would be something that I should be on a lookout.. because only the wise learns from others :) . I did not set up the server... but their machine
  4. I was running ettercap on a clients business network and found these remote hosts... are any of these a great concern>? I know that kerberos encryption is being used... but what about the others? I just found this strange... how bout you guys? Network Information ================================================== IP address : OrgName: Massachusetts Institute of Technology OrgId: MIT-2 Address: Room W92-167 Address: 77 Massachusetts Avenue City: Cambridge StateProv: MA PostalCode: 02139-4307 Country: US RegDate: Updated: 2012-04-27 Ref: http://whoi
  5. I am not familiar with BEINI... I will assume it is another flavor distro for pentesting. Good luck.
  6. Mnemonic... I understand whole heartedly... My children have broken my Turtle Beach wireless headset and when I got pissed; my old lady ripped me a new one in front of them... lol. This was shortly after my HDMI 2 port on the back of my TV was viciously ripped out and now doesn't pick up signal... they are a blessing, aren't they? But, I do believe you two (your wife and you) will get over it. Future references... never let your wife or your children know where you put your stuff at. I purchased a safe from Cabela's and now it is only I whom break my shit... lol... Good Luck... and try not to
  7. 2nd that Spazi... root@kali: reaver -i wlan1 (your interface) -b (ssid) -vv (very verbose) A quick way to snatch up a ssid: root@kali:airmon-ng start wlan1 (your interface there) root@kali:airodump-ng mon0 **:**:**:**:**:** <----SSIDS ! (copy and paste your target) root@kali: reaver -i wlan1 (your interface) -b **:**:**:**:**:** -vv (very verbose) ...and if it gets nothing... usually means it is not susceptible. You can try wifite, fern (which I do not like and have removed), or airoscript-ng... but those use reaver ( I do believe ) as their WPA2/PSK module. *EDIT* You should put yo
  8. Digip; You always seem to find material that makes me giggle... but this guy... LOLZ... where in the f*ckin hell do you find this crap? I love his tatoo... George Clooney-esque from Dusk Till Dawn... minus running up his neck. Too funny.
  9. Well, it is official... I am getting old. Check these out... https://www.dropbox.com/s/koeetla2c4oz18g/IMG_20130630_151108.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5uh0fctldzpm62/IMG_20130630_151018.jpg If you guys remember these... you might be getting old, too. Also found a "Tiger Software" magazine with ads on the cover for After Dark 3.0... Should I send them to Darren? Kind of want to keep the disks for nostalgic purposes. Let me know if you guys/gals think if I should send this in... be a damned shame to waste the postage.
  10. I think sometimes I would like to Escape the movie... :)
  11. I just watched Olympus Has Fallen and am not understanding why the hell; when there are two massive .50 caliber guns firing en masse; why the hell is the Secret Service running out the front door like a bunch of lemmings running to their death? Is it "one free life" day? As I think about this idea; I am reminded of all of those silly action flicks where the hero fires recoiless weaponry from insane distances (Commando with Arnie) and kills hundreds of "Trained" soldiers. I know it is merely a Hollywood rendition... and still is entertaining... but why are all of the soldiers with fully automa
  12. Call the police; pick a place to meet up. Chances are slim to none; and none is usually the winner. Apple can track the cell phone... but whether or not the Genius's will actually assist you with getting it back is also slim to none. You would be better off disconnecting the phone and getting a new phone...
  13. OK... slow down. Breathe a minute. Are ya calm? Good. I have to ask the question I am sure everyone else is asking... "How does one lose their PGP encryption key?". Given the likely scenarios, the laptop in question was not owned (or at least, not setup), by your friend... but Elcomsoft has some nifty software. Sorry bud... I am washing my hands of this one... too fishy...
  14. You had a helluva score for the n900 for 80 USD. I can't tell you that it is great or not; but my Kali Laptop has not dissappointed. :)
  15. I saw a keylogger a lot like those (I guess it must be because of the USB stick :) ). Have you guys heard of pwniexpress.com? Prices are a lot like being a white woman in the middle east on a bus... (bad tasting joke)... but they got some crazy equipment! http://pwnieexpress.com ... still no ISP for me... found RichGiraffe's WPA key: "**********", WPS PIN: 61837*** = thank you, RichGiraffe! :P
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