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Using a camcorder as tapestreamer (backup)


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As people keep adding storage to their system, a need for backing up that storage becomes ever more pressing. The problem is that for effectively backing up your 500 gig harddisk, those 9gb DVDs are both pricy and just too damned small.

Enter the tapestreamer. To date still the best bang for your buck when it comes to storing data securely. The only problem is that the tape drives, particularly for the high-capacity models, are rather expensive.

The thing that struck me as odd is that you can hook up a camcorder to your computer, and transfer data to and from the tape in its bowels. Does this data really have to be video data? Is there a specific reason why you can't use a camcorder as a cheap tapestreamer? If not, why does it appear that nobody is doing this? Seems like a sensible thing to do to me.


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It depends, it used to be the case that a lot of entry level/consumer mini-dv cameras let you copy data from them, but not to them. This may have changed but 2 years ago you needed £1K's (or local) worth of camera for this feature. Which kinda puts it in the range of a regular data drive.

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Personally I wouldn't trust bootlegged porn to a VHS cassett, let alone backed up data.

Neither would I, that's why I...wait a second.

Well, it's an interesting idea nonetheless.

DV Backup supports maxium storage sizes of 11.5GB in SP mode or 17.5GB in LP mode.

Not bad, not bad at all.

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You know whats very interesting about this discusion? I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I was using windows Vista (I know, it's incredably sad), but I was doing some thing (God knows what), and windows asked me to insert a Tape in to my recorder and it started recording to tape. I then woke up and relised how briliant it would be if some one had come up with a method of streaming data to a VHS tape and store it (much in a similare way that alot of digital cameras store the video digitaly on a magnetic tape). I Googled and found it had alredy been done. I was so unhappy...

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MMmm I remember back in the day's i was useing my Sinclare (rubber) computer i used a betamax videorecorder als tapestreamer in place of the standard audio casset tapestreamers that where to slow.

So I think it wil be verry sweet if we can use a VHS videorecorder as a tape streaming backup divice.



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That's the thing. At those sizes a DVD-R would be cheaper, faster, more versatile and probably more reliable.

Putting 15 GB on a 5 dollar 60 minute MiniDV tape in LP (and keep in mind that there do exist longer tapes)... Now, that's an interesting proposition.

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