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Perl or Python?


Perl or Python  

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Just a quick question

Should I learn Perl or Python?

I cant decide which to learn.

I was going to learn Perl because I have a "sams teach yourself perl in 21 days" book (and I perfer to learn off physical paper). But I just found out that Python has an interactive mode. Would Python's interactive mode make it easyer for me to learn :?:

edit: I just found out that Perl has an interactive mode too, but my question still stands.

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learn ruby :D

But why limit your self to just perl or pyhon? Learn them both, you say you have the book for perl, so in that case start with perl and then move to python

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Of those two, I would say python.

Then I would say to move on to something a little more advanced later.

I would say that C++ (or java...) wouldn't be too hard coming from python.

Then when you feel like a master computer programmer make yourself feel like a little newbie looking at Hello World in assembely.

Learning ASM kinda gives you a universal keygen. :wink:

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depends on what ur working with, all exploits that ive made i only use Perl, but i prefer to work in python.

Though i find both limited (well im limited in my knoledge of them any way) so i tend to use C++ or if i have to VB

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I wwould say Python. Its amazingly easy to learn, the clean syntax makes it easily maintainable by you or someone else, it can do anything you can do in Perl, you can extend it with C (or java if you use Jython), its just a wonderful language!

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